Abykus SE - spreadsheet

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Abykus SE - spreadsheet

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Hi this is a free limited release of Abykus CE.
Abykus SE (8191 rows x 127 columns x 16 worksheets) and Abykus CE (65534 rows x 255 columns x 32 worksheets).
It is portable and requires about 1,5 Mb on disk (50% is the help file...)

The download file is SFX but I usually prefear to use Universal Extract (it´s like an addiction!)

http://www.abykus.com/ v1.32

The program combines object-oriented functionality with traditional spreadsheet operations, allowing you to store multi-value data types (such as arrays and matrixes) in a single cell. This not only saves valuable space on your worksheets, but it also significantly reduces the overhead needed to manage data. Once created, a cell object can either stand alone or be used as a building block to form other objects which are continuously recalculated as changes are made to key values throughout the worksheet .

Abykus has also replaced the standard "A1" cell naming convention with a significantly more powerful notation that uses numbers (i.e. algebraic expressions) or even other cell addresses to represent a cell's row and column position. This powerful, yet intuitive, new convention makes it possible to create dynamic cell addresses that reference different cells depending on the results of a specific calculation.

Functions can also tailored to your specific needs, using an integrated script language (which uses a syntax that's similar to the C programming language). Scripts look and behave like built-in functions and are easy to maintain and share between worksheets, since they are created, stored, and accessed from external library files as opposed to being imbedded in the worksheet itself.

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