Submit portable freeware that you find here. It helps if you include information like description, extraction instruction, Unicode support, whether it writes to the registry, and so on.
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SlickRun is a free floating command line utility for Windows. SlickRun gives you almost instant access to any program or website. SlickRun allows you to create command aliases (known as MagicWords), so C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe becomes MAIL.
Enter a web URL into SlickRun and it will launch your browser and navigate to the specified address. Run multiple programs in a few keystrokes, jot a note, look up a definition... SlickRun is the most natural way to interact with your computer.


Forum: ... Message=27

Size: 170 Kb

How to make portable: (from the Forum)
There's actually a feature in SlickRun designed for running SlickRun from a thumbdrive.

Put all of the files on the keychain. Also grab the rtl60.bpl,vcl60.bpl,and vclx60.bpl files from your Windows system folder, and put them on the keychain. You may want to copy your MagicWords and Jot.Txt files from C:\documents and settings\yourprofile\application data\slickRun and put them in the same folder as well.
Place a new textfile in the same folder as sr.exe; name the file slickrun.local.
Now, SlickRun from the keychain.
However, it creates one registry entry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bayden Systems\SlickRun ("LastPersist"=<date and time>) but it doesn't affect the operation of the application.

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It is really a great app. How about running an app from my USB in slickrun, any idea?

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Check out the comments for SlickRun.

Basically, if you run SlickRun from your USB drive, you can assign MagicWords in the form "\firefox\FirefoxPortable.exe" and it should work even if the drive letter changes from machine to machine.

Better still, use relative paths eg "..\firefox\FirefoxPortable.exe" (relative from SlickRun.exe) and it will work even if the depth of the folder structure changes.

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Re: SlickRun

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I did a MagicWords file for OpenOffice Portable:

  • oo = Main program
  • ocalc = Calc
  • obase = Base
  • odraw = Draw
  • oimp = Impress
  • omath = Math
  • owrite = Write
  • ohelp = Help file
Its a tiny text file (2 kilobytes). Import howto: ... htm#Import

Of course, the "OpenOfficePortable" folder should be in the same folder as your "SlickRun" folder.

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Re: SlickRun

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It seems just playing with this program for a few minutes is all you need to love it. After you've modified a few settings and learned the way the program works, you just keep playing.

Recommended settings

Under the Setup - Appearance tab, I use a smaller font (Size 10 Tahoma), turn up the "idle" opacity, and put it at the top-right screen.

Depending on your color scheme, you may have to play with program's colors so its neither hidden nor distracting.


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Re: SlickRun

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I tried it a year ago, I liked it but I now use FARR (find and run robot) does the same sort of things and uses less memory. I use it as portable, you get it from

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Re: SlickRun

#7 Post by -.- »

I just tried it again and I'm liking it :D

I like how I can use Everything's commandline to add search feature to slickrun... (well it opens searchterm in everything anyways but its still good)

edit: maybe use Jaunte to fix reg entry? but i dont mind it since Im on personal computer lol, just to make it stealthy maybe. but I dont want to make slickrun any bigger than it is since its nice and simple as it is :D

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