UKkalendar - Great calendar, reminder, todo

Submit portable freeware that you find here. It helps if you include information like description, extraction instruction, Unicode support, whether it writes to the registry, and so on.
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UKkalendar - Great calendar, reminder, todo

#1 Post by lennart »

Since a time i'm using UKKalendar. From the website:

"Oh, yes, just another reminder..."
I've searched a long time for a freeware reminder program with at least a nice month view, advanced features for repetetive events and a snooze funcion. I've found none so far. There are just some shareware solutions, but I want it for free.

I benefit from the freeware scene for years now and most of the software on my system is freeware (which is often better than commercial software). So I wanted to give something back to the freeware scene and wrote this little program, which you can download here as unlimited freeware.

The program stays in the tray bar, needs only a few resources. I didn't noticed it and forgot that i've installed it. But suddenly the program reminds me to end a membership of a bookclub (and oh yeah, i was in time!). IMHO it's easy to work with, has a clean lay-out and is yet powerful.

In a mail the author wrotes to me, that he is writing on a second version, with build in support for file storage on a ftp server / LAN (USBstick = program, datafile = on your webspace!), more advanced date selecting features.

And, he replys, its portable :-) - homepage - features

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#2 Post by Darkbee »

I prefer Rainlendar but this looks a nice little app all the same.

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#3 Post by Andrew Lee »

Just to clarify again. I have posted Kalender to the database. But it was originally suggested to me by Douglas McFadzean in an email dated 11 Dec 2005, so I figured I should put him down in the "Suggested by" field.

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UK's Kalender updated to version 2.0.0

#4 Post by BigD »

Version 2.0.0 of UK's Kalender has been released at and provides some very powerful and attractively presented additional features.

Highly recommended! :D

Douglas McFadzean

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Re: UKkalendar - Great calendar, reminder, todo

#5 Post by webfork »

Version 2.3.2 is out. The changes are pretty minor so I'll let someone else decide if the entry should be updated. ... gelog.html

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Re: UKkalendar - Great calendar, reminder, todo

#6 Post by I am Baas »

Version 2.4.1 is available:
2.4.1 (02/02/2014)
! Fixed errors when sharing the event state, now only the done / undone state is shared
! The flickering of the current time display on some systems was fixed (again)
~ The calendar will use modern looking controls if available
~ When entering a new event, the focus will be on the category selection again

2.4.0 (01/11/2014)
! Fixed some garbled text in some dialog boxes of the Russian translation.
+ The reminder window will now also show the icon for network, recurrence, notes etc.
+ The input forms for events and todos can be resized now, allowing more edit space for notes.
+ The state of events and todos ("done", "snoozing") can now also be shared over the network.
+ A Chinese localization of the calendar is available!
+ Better support for relative paths to the event file.
+ Some sample sound files are now included in the "sound" subdirectory.
~ Some changes in the folder structure of the installation.

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