Netmeter Evo

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Netmeter Evo

#1 Post by webfork »

This is a few years old but a program I quite like Netmeter is in the database and I tested the latest version (Emka noted this in December of that year).


Unlike the original, which wrote to an INI file, this program is not portable, saving settings to HKCU\Software\NetmeterEvo. Unfortunately, the last available version are beta versions posted here: ... od;dl=cat1 ... I have updated the entry with a note about this but if anyone has the old version please drop us a note.

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Re: Netmeter Evo

#2 Post by loin2kolpotoru »

The download link of NetMeter is gone 404 and NetMeter 1.1.41 BETA Oopepe's mod is the best version of this program because it works in newer operating systems as well.

I have NetMeter v1.1.4 BETA and NetMeter 1.1.41 BETA Oopepe's mod both and i can send it to you if you want to host.

By the way latest version of NetMeterEvo is 2.1.0.

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Re: Netmeter Evo

#3 Post by Midas »

It'd be better to just provide some mirrors of those versions if possible. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Netmeter Evo

#4 Post by rbon »

NetMeter Evo 2.0.0
- site Softpedia: ... eter.shtml
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Re: Netmeter Evo

#5 Post by billon »

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