Redshift Tray

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Redshift Tray

#1 Post by smaragdus » Fri Jun 15, 2018 5:32 pm

I have been using f.lux for years- it works well but I have been considering to replace it with an alternative for a couple of reasons- it is not portable (and doesn't install in a desired location to boot) and its update prompts are extrenely annoing- as far as I know update check cannot be disabled. Two days ago I finally found time to test an open source and portable alternative- Redshift Tray, and since it behaves well I think I will dump f.lux for good.

Redshift Tray is a no-frills GUI for the excellent screen temperature adjustment tool Redshift by Jon Lund Steffensen.
  • Control Redshift based on location or custom night/day times
  • Quickly enable/disable Redshift: double-click the tray icon
  • Force a full nighttime temperature adjustment, no matter what the actual time is
  • Pause the temperature adjustment for x minutes
  • Adjust the screen brightness and forced temperature via hotkeys
  • Optionally update your current coordinates every time you enable Redshift (e.g. when traveling)
  • Use a fantastic set of extra hotkeys that have got nothing to do with Redshift
  • Make use of Remote Desktop: Redshift hotkeys will stay active locally, while Redshift Tray can also run on the remote system for its optional hotkeys

Direct download link for Redshift Tray version 1.6.4 (released on 2018-06-13): Images

Redshift Tray version 1.6.4 - tray control:


Redshift Tray version 1.6.4 - program icon:


Redshift Tray is portable by design- sttings are saved in INI file (rstray.ini) inside program folder. Redshift Tray is also stealth- it does not write to AppData and to Windows registry. Don't use Autorun option to keep Redshift Tray portable:
If you'd like Redshift Tray to automatically run at startup, right-click the tray icon again and click Autorun under Settings, so that this option is checked. This setting just creates or removes a value in the registry key HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.
  • Download the archive (;
  • Extract the archive to a folder of your choice;
  • Run the executable (rstray.exe);
I presume that Redshift Tray should run under Windows XP or higher.

Redshift Tray is licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0.

Redshift Tray is in active development- the latest version (as of 2018-06-16)- 1.6.4, was released on 2018-06-13.
Redshift Tray is lighter than f.lux- under Windows 8 x64 Redshift Tray version 1.6.4 uses about 10 MB of RAM while f.lux version 3.10 uses about 24 MB of RAM.
Redshift Tray is written in AutoHotkey.
Redshift Tray uses ipapi service for coordinates.
There is a different program with exactly the same name- Redshift Tray, which I have not tested. AlternativeTo erroneously mixes these two programs (icon of ltGuillaume - Redshift Tray, website and screens of Nepochal - Redshift Tray).

A couple of programs with similar functionality:
File detals for Redshift Tray version 1.6.4 (released on 2018-06-13):


File Size: 500878 Byte(s) (489.14 KB)
Modified Date: 2018-06-13 22:09
MD5: 9ffacd56b27417623cb6b72faefe11f9
SHA1: 9e9501c0c3bdb81efd44072c1d88a8fa6231e45b
SHA256: 7e59dc774d11731d718ca05ce1e209674f7d7077e0d429e6f6a8a0837f993aee
SHA384: a99faea96a5676585c25a562c5671bcb63f737d88c1efa4f79074181942155f6cfb5e4bc4272a733e5e1f51956e91969
SHA512: 755c6628fea1f196291e69292dfa8fc480fe7f2d29f532d783ce6c185a35b196ea8fd0543768b30ae82f0cb3ac5d3885aad59ec3795ae65fbda855f8eaf6f145
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Re: Redshift Tray

#2 Post by FileHandler » Mon Jun 18, 2018 2:26 am

Great find. At first I wasn't too enthusiastic because of the missing GUI settings dialog. But on a second look I found the ini-file very straightforward and easy to access (More settings ...).

I like to have full control over my color temperature, able to tweak it manually, anytime, irrespective of day/nighttime settings. Thanks to forced mode and hotkeys this is easy to achieve: tooltip popups indicate current values - no need for sliders like in SunsetScreen.

It's important to turn it off when doing photo work - to avoid corrections based on wrong color information. When starting up image editors I have AutoHotkey bring up a warning reminder so I don't forget to switch it off. Now with Redshift, I might take this one step further: Redshift Tray comes with its ahk-source file - this probably allows adding a group of apps and provide them with their own (neutral) values. :idea:

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Re: Redshift Tray 1.6.5

#3 Post by smaragdus » Tue Jun 19, 2018 10:33 am

Redshift Tray at version 1.6.5, changes:


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Re: Redshift Tray 1.6.6

#4 Post by smaragdus » Sat Jul 07, 2018 6:01 am

Redshift Tray at version 1.6.6, changes:

  • Fixed: Brightness / Force didn't work with Redshift 1.12, now using -P switch ("Reset existing gamma ramps before applying")
  • WinMinimize RDP window sometimes caused keyboard focus to be completely lost
  • Sleep, 1500 hopefully minimizes RDP keyboard hook takeovers
The previous version of Redshift Tray - 1.6.5, was deleted and cannot be downloaded.

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Re: Redshift Tray

#5 Post by freakazoid » Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:27 am

Always nice to have alternatives, but I'm sticking with SunsetScreen for now.

Has a GUI (not the prettiest), but uses .NET. Memory usage is 5.3MB on my Windows 10 com.
is it stealth? ;)

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Re: Redshift Tray 1.7.0

#6 Post by smaragdus » Sun Aug 12, 2018 2:26 pm

Redshift Tray at version 1.7.0, recent changes:

  • Don't reset gamma by default, only use this (-P switch) for brightness adjustment (Alt+PgUp/PgDwn)
  • Menu / is now MM: Stop
  • Menu Shift is now MM: Play/Pause

  • Keep Windows calibration: prevent Redshift from messing up custom calibration or ICC profiles with "-x"
  • Autorun feature now uses Windows' Task Scheduler: this will run Redshift earlier and helps preventing UAC prompts
  • Fixed running Task Manager when not elevated
  • Fixed: Messed up brightness > 100% in v1.6.7

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Re: Redshift Tray

#7 Post by bitcoin » Mon Mar 25, 2019 6:41 pm

now up to v1.8.4 - (Feb 13th, 2019)

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