Is there any portable app that create Sidecar files?

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Is there any portable app that create Sidecar files?

#1 Post by starstuff » Mon Oct 05, 2015 6:50 pm


Im looking for a portable app that can create Sidecar files based on the file/folder name.

I just recently found out about search programs that can search inside text files like Agent Ransack/FileLocator Lite, and can't believe how useful they are!

I like to use these Sidecar files for tags/metadata, and use search to find these again

example of application that uses sidecar file
This is used in Calibre using a ".opf" inside a folder to store ebook metadata

Tagspaces is also in the process of implementing sidecar using json to store the tags, ... up-filames

and pydio using .ajxp_meta to store file tags

also Mac OS also use sidecar files to store metadata (DS_Store)

Is there any app that make Sidecar files?

the manual way is to create a text file, change the file extension, edit it using a text editor with metadata you like.

Thank you!

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Re: Is there any portable app that create Sidecar files?

#2 Post by __philippe » Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:46 am

If you prefer creating discrete sidecar files, rather than storing metadata right into the original target files,
you might consider Phil Harvey's classic ExifTool (provided you don't mind Command Line utilities...).

See this relevant ExifTool forum topic discussion: "Using sidecar files instead of image files"

Likewise, the following paper about the pros & cons of various metadata storing schemes might be of interest:

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