My script for making pidgin portable

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My script for making pidgin portable

#1 Post by rokth » Sun Mar 13, 2011 9:21 pm

Since pidgin has changed their pidgin portable for windows. I've had to reinvent the batch I've been using. A newer more improved batch.
just extract the contents of pidgin-<version> and gtk-runtime-<version> into a directory, we'll call it for the purpose of example, "portable"
so you'll have

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set up and ready to run a script with the following lines.

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MOVE pidgin* pidgin
REN pidgin\pidgin.exe pidgin\pidgin-portable.exe
RMDIR /s /q pidgin\plugins\perl pidgin\plugins\locale\
DEL pidgin\plugins\perl.dll pidgin\plugins\tcl.dll
RD /s /q gtk\share\ gtk\manifest gtk\share\locale
After running it you'll be ready to rock.

Move is used to rename directories from command line. Rename only handles files.
everything else should be easy to understand with a /?.

Final thoughts.
I don't know who thought the script at ... rtableMode is a good idea, it looks ugly and too long. Maybe whoever did has a fetish for ampersands. :p

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Re: My script for making pidgin portable

#2 Post by SYSTEM » Sun Mar 13, 2011 11:50 pm

Thank you. I added a link to the Pidgin Portable entry. :)
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