"1 Hour Software"

Submit portable freeware that you find here. It helps if you include information like description, extraction instruction, Unicode support, whether it writes to the registry, and so on.
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"1 Hour Software"

#1 Post by Onesimus Prime » Thu Dec 24, 2009 12:31 am

Skrommel's "1 Hour Software" has lots of portable applications. Most or all of his software writes to .ini files in the application directory, and none use the DonationCoder "nag" system that some here have objected to. I'll be gradually adding a few of these programs to my "favorites"/submission list...

Some notable ones include:
Noise v1.2 - Keeps the PC from falling asleep by sending it keystrokes. (This has got to be one of my favorites of his. You can also use it to temporarily prevent your screensaver from activating without actually changing its settings.)
TheEnd v1.0 - Unselect the file type when renaming files in XP (like in Vista's Windows Explorer).
BatteryRun v1.1 - Run commands when the power chord is connected or disconnected. (vital for those of us with old 30-second batteries)
Accents v1.0 - Press a key three times or more to apply accents. (Very helpful to avoid the "Insert Symbols" dialogue in MS Word!)
DragLock v1.0 - Press the windows key to lock the mouse movement along one axis. (Not 100% precise, but can be especially helpful in graphics applications.)
White v1.0 - Fill the screen with white color to use it as a lightbox. (Simple as it is, I have found it occasionaly useful before.)
MouseMark v1.0 - Press Ctrl+M to locate the mouse. (Ever tried to find a black text cursor against a black PowerPoint background? Yeah.)
MonitOff v1.0 - Turns off the monitor at user defined idle times during the day.
AltEdge v1.1 - Sends Alt-Tab when the mouse is on a user-selected edge of the screen.
PauseProcess v1.0 - Pause a program and run other programs before and after.
IdleRun v1.2 - Run a program when the CPU is idle.
LowToSleep v1.6 - Stop a PC from falling asleep until the CPU is inactive.
ZoneSize v1.0 - Define zones that autosize windows dropped on them.
UsedFonts v1.0 - Show what fonts are in use by a Microsoft Word document.
LabelControl v1.6 - Overlays buttons and other controls with a Number for direct access via Ctrl-Number.
BlockInput v1.0 - Press Ctrl-Q to block all input for 5 seconds.
SingleInstance v1.0 - Allow only one instance of a program to run.
PushToTalk v1.0 - Push Win+S to activate the microphone, release to mute.
PlainPaste v1.1 - Press Ctrl-V once to paste regularly, or twice fast to paste as text. (Kind of buggy for me, but sometimes useful.)
UrlHistory v1.0 - Watches the clipboard for web addresses and saves them with a comment.
DelEmpty v1.2 - List and delete empty folders. (Shows filecount, foldercound, programcount and size of files and subfolders; Sorts by files, size, or path.)
IdleMute v2.1 - Mute the speaker or run a program after a period of inactivity, use hotkeys to mute and control the volume.
ToddlerTrap v1.1 - Disables mouse and keyboard input to stop toddlers messing up your PC, or to allow for cleaning.
ProcessGuard v1.1 - Watch processes' memory usage, cpu usage and more, and get a warning, close them, run a program, change priority, hide/show or minimize/maximize them, logoff, reboot, shutdown, suspend or hibernate!
WinWarden v2.0 - Automatically control how to display a window. Move, maximize, minimize, restore, enable, disable, hide, show, ontop, bottom, alwaysontop, clip, transparent, transparent color, move relative to another window, stick to the edge of the screen, center, run a program, etc.
AutoClip v4.0 - Replaces text as you type with any formatted text, image or other clip.
Handy for instantly expanding your initials into your e-mail signature, with image and all.
CAPshift v1.7 - CAPshift extends the Caps Lock key by slowing it down, and shows a menu to change the selected text to lowercase, UPPERCASE, TitleCase, iNVERTEDcASE, RaNDoMCaSE or to Replace user defined characters

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Re: "1 Hour Software"

#2 Post by joby_toss » Thu Dec 24, 2009 10:16 am

Some of these are really time saver gems!

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