HxD Dex/Disk Editor

Submit portable freeware that you find here. It helps if you include information like description, extraction instruction, Unicode support, whether it writes to the registry, and so on.
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HxD Dex/Disk Editor

#1 Post by Cornflower » Tue May 06, 2008 4:33 am

[2018-07-18 Mod note: topic was originally "HxD Dex/Disk Editor update" at "Update" forum; moved to "Submission" since it's HxD official forum topic, which has been always portable.]

* Minor enhancements
o Java-exporter generates a byte-array instead of char-array.
o WindowState (Maximized/Normal/Minimized) can be set in configuration separately from the window position.

Website: http://www.mh-nexus.de/hxd/

Description from website:
HxD is a carefully designed and fast hex editor including raw disk editing, modifying foreign RAM and handling files of any size. Its clear interface offers searching/replacing, exporting, checksums/digests, insertion of byte patterns, a file shredder, concatenation or splitting of files, statistics and more.

Editing works like in a text editor with functions streamlined to hide differences that are purely technical.
For example you can view a drive just as one stream, can open it under Windows 9x or Windows NT+, undo, search, save, export or whatever you could do with a file. There is no sector-limited editing that gets in your way.

The same holds true for the file size (also > 4 GB), which doesn't affect editing speed and still supports undo. Or have a look at the RAM-editor that supports data-folding on every memory section and hides by default inaccessible memory, for a better overview but keeps the real offsets.

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Re: HxD Dex/Disk Editor update

#2 Post by Special » Tue Jul 17, 2018 5:58 pm

Changelog v2.0.0.0:

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  * New: Data inspector
      • interprets bytes at the current caret position into various datatypes:
        - binary (bit sequence), integer, floats, time and date, character, GUID and disassembly (x86 and AMD64)
      • allows editing all types except for assembly
      • option to display integers in hexadecimal
      • option to select big/little endian byte order
      • property grid widget/control written from scratch
  * New: 64-bit version of HxD
      • support for RAM/virtual memory editing of other 64-bit processes
      • integration into 64-bit Windows Explorer context menu
  * New: Fully Unicode based GUI and program code
  * Enhanced: Disk-open window
      • Shows disks to non-admins to allow opening those that normal users have access to (e.g., removable USB drives) instead of always requiring to restart as admin.
      • Shows more information (name, hardware id, type, size) for easier identification
      • Sortable by columns/categories
      • Resizeable window
  * Enhanced: RAM/virtual memory open window
      • allows sorting, shows PID and bitness (32/64) of each process
  * Enhanced: Disk write handling
      • automatically unmount relevant partitions/volumes before writing, to avoid access errors where possible
  * Enhanced: Reduced locking to a minimum and adapted caching
    • significant code redesign and rewrite to allow for minimal file locking to enable easier sharing files with another program
    • less disturbing "file has changed externally" messages, at the bottom of a hex editor window
  * New: Import function
    • supported formats are: Intel Hex, Motorola S-Record and ETL Extended
  * Enhanced: Export function
    • new format: PureBasic
  * New: Alternating color for hex columns (configurable)
  * Enhanced: Compare window
      • option groupbox for window arrangement
      • option groupbox to select compare scope
  * New: Unified setup (includes all languages, all editions, 32/64-bitness)
          - Portable edition can be configured through setup, then becomes independent.
            - Ensures a user is not surprised when storing HxD to a write-once medium, then HxD opens for the first time and the configuration can't be changed.
          - Allows to create readonly config for HxD (e.g., for use on CD/DVD or USB thumb drives).
  * Better Windows Vista and higher support
      • Automatic request for admin priviledges when configuring Windows explorer context-menu
      • Better error handling for inaccessible disks
      • New file open/save windows
  * New: Recently opened disk images (restores bytes per sector as well)
  * Enhanced: Disk editor detects sectors larger than 512 byte and can access full size of a volume/disk (Windows could limit it to file system's end)
  * Enhanced: Allow “bytes per row” to go up to 4096 instead of just 512
  * New: Option to make hexadecimal numbers in editor lower case
  * New: Add CRC-32C as new supported checksum
  * Enhanced: CustomCRCSettings stored to config file
  * Changed: Statistics window evaluates the current selection only, or the entire file if there is no selection
  * Enhanced: Search window
      • Tab per datatype instead of a combobox
      • New "Search all" button (and result window)
  * Enhanced: Windows explorer context menu
      • Option to choose with entries to add, instead of adding both, "Open with HxD (readonly)" and "Open with HxD", by default
  * Enhanced: Update checker supports proxies that require user authentication
  * Enhanced: Hex Exporter adds number base when outputting offsets, e.g., "StartOffset(h): 12345678" 
  * Babelfish and related translation tool chain significantly enhanced for easier automation, 64 bit (PE file handling), Unicode, full XML, and new Delphi version support.
  * Performance enhancements, flicker reduction
  * Many bug fixes and other refinements of code and GUI (some listed in the forums)
  * Rewriting or updating lots of third party libs to x64 and Unicode
  * Patching Delphi RTL/VCL bugs

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