Mercury (Firefox browser fork)

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Mercury (Firefox browser fork)

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Mercury recent came to my attention due to its native portability builds and instructions... It's the work of the same dev behind the Thorium Chrome builds (posted by rbon in the "XP compatible software" topic; viewtopic.php?p=106760#p106760) and a plethora of other intriguing projects.

Mercury highlights changes meant to enhance usability and privacy/security, a lot of them cherry-picked from similar projects like LibreWolf, Waterfox, FireDragon, PlasmaFox, and Ghostery.
Mercury [is a] compiler optimized, private Firefox fork -- [a] Firefox fork for Linux and Windows named after Firefox's version control system, Mercurial, and the liquid element No. 80.
This nets a 8-20% performance improvement over vanilla Firefox, depending on the benchmark and OS. See for a detailed overview of all modifications compared to vanilla Firefox regarding performance, security and useability.
For Windows, there are .zips and .exe installers. To use the portable .ZIPs [run]: MERCURY.bat...

Latest Mercury build is v123.0.1 released 2024-03-06 (changes and downloads at

Posting this to "Discussion" to gauge community interest... :|

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