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Re: DropIt

#1531 Post by bob4u82 »

I have a problem with DropIt. I use Chrome to download pdf documents. I have one automatization, when I see the pdf documents with file name "product" Dropit should send this document in mail.
Unfortunatelly from few days (before was workin correctly) this automatization stop working properly.

In the log I see something like that:

2024-02-09 19:24:47 ===== Log włączony =====
2024-02-09 19:24:55 Monitorowany folder: C:\Users\User\Downloads -> C:\Users\User\Downloads\dd95beef-b87b-4566-8ef8-db26a9323199.tmp
2024-02-09 19:24:55 Monitorowany folder: C:\Users\User\Downloads -> C:\Users\User\Downloads\Product_Registration_832267637 (2).pdf.crdownload

The probem is temporaty extension of the pdf file - crdownload.

How can I fix it?

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Re: DropIt

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Check if the download isn't actually blocked by the browser, when it thinks the source is suspicious it starts but won't finish/release the download until you've actually "approved it manually". I don't know dropit but you may need to adjust your filter so it ENDS with .PDF not just any name with "product" in it = it seems you can use RegEx as well http://www.dropitproject.com/dokuwiki/d ... nd_folders - so adding/using \.pdf$ ($ is anchors match) might help.

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