Darktable for Windows (RAW image processor)

Submit portable freeware that you find here. It helps if you include information like description, extraction instruction, Unicode support, whether it writes to the registry, and so on.
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Re: Darktable for Windows (RAW image processor)

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webfork wrote: Mon Nov 22, 2021 7:51 pm ... and I found a nice detailed process for portability that employs the configdir trick: https://dark-raw.com/make-darktable-por ... r-windows/
I found that I didn't have to fix the drive letter like the tutorial suggested. Just a simple

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mkdir config
start bin\darktable.exe --configdir config
does the trick. Didn't find anything in the registry, all settings are saved to files in the "config" folder.

I was a bit surprised I couldn't extract the setup.exe using Universal Extractor, since it looks like something produced using InnoSetup. So I performed the usual install, copy, uninstall procedure.

BTW, I will move this topic to TPFC Submissions.

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Andrew Lee
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Re: Darktable for Windows (RAW image processor)

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Long overdue, but I have added darktable to the database:


Please vote!

It was on my todo list a long while back, but (as is always the case) I forgot about it until I recently upgraded from v3.4.0 to v4.0.0.

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Re: Darktable for Windows (RAW image processor)

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In mixed news: apparently Darktable has been forked by one of its lead devs...

In a seering blog post, Aurélien Pierre elaborates what's in fact a very detailed laundry list of FLOSS development's biggest shortcomings and pitfalls:
I’m apparently the only one thinking it’s unacceptable to deprive the pixel pipeline of a third to a half of the CPU power to paint a stupid interface. However you put it, there is no valid reason for a software left open without touching it to turn the computer into a toaster, especially since we don’t buy Russian gas anymore.
I don’t understand what Darktable computes when we leave it open without touching the computer, because there is nothing to compute. Darktable in lighttable consumes by itself as much as the whole system (Fedora 37 + KDE desktop + password manager and Nextcloud client running in background), and it consumes 10 times as much as the whole system when opened in darkroom.
After 4 years of working on Darktable full-time for 70 % of minimal wage, and 2 years bearing the chronic dissatisfaction of staining my name by contributing to shit, I forked Ansel and will not go back. In 4 years, I brought to this software something that sorely lacked : an unified workflow, based on a set of modules designed to work together, but acting each on a distinct aspect, where Darktable modules were rather a collection of disparate plugins...

BTW, the Ansel fork is available at the same site.
Your digital darkroom, Ansel is an open-source photo-editing software for digital artists, designed to help you achieve your own interpretation of raw digital photographs.

Ansel nightly builds repo is at https://github.com/aurelienpierreeng/ansel/releases/ -- as there are no ZIP packages, I'm assuming it's not natively portable.


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