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Re: Tiny Audio Players

#31 Post by vevy »

There is also fmedia (GUI and CLI) < 400KB (+5MB in many dlls for different audio formats which you can trim).



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Re: Tiny Audio Players - 2023 update

#32 Post by __philippe »

Howdy, pardners, (as wannabe :cinema: cowboys :cowboy: would greet, coolly 🎶 Chewing A Piece Of Straw),...Long time no see ! ... :wink:

Tiny Audio Players 2023 year-end updates
• new entry:    Nanogg
• new version: MPG123 and 1by1

"Tiniest Audio Players this side of the Galaxy"

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                 Link date    PE size     Memory   Supported Extensions

MicroWav  v1.0  31-12-2003   3,072 Bytes  5,464 K  WAV
Gplay     v1.0  12-10-2000   4,608 Bytes  6,268 K  AVI MID MP3 WAV WMA
CmdMP3    v1.0  01-01-1970  26,397 Bytes  6,392 K  AVI MID MP3 WAV WMA
CmdMP3win v1.0  01-01-1970  27,373 Bytes  6,392 K  AVI MID MP3 WAV WMA
Serenity  v3.41 17-07-2017  48,689 Bytes  6,876 K  AVI MID MP3 WAV WMA RBS AAC	
M3        v1.0  27-01-2009 102,427 Bytes  9,628 K  MP3 WMA
MPG123    v1.32 05-10-2023 234,428 Bytes  3,300 K  MID MP3 RBS WAV	
1by1      v2.07 16-08-2023 186,912 Bytes 10,808 K  MP3      
Nanogg    v1.00 22-07-2013 183,808 Bytes  5,120 K  OGG WAV	
STP       v1.0  03-04-2001 213,504 Bytes  6,332 K  MID MP3 WAV

Image So Long !...see Y'all Around next update... 😎

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Re: Tiny Audio Players

#33 Post by freakazoid »

Glad for the new update, __philippe.

Still using 1by1 over here, but when using the additional BASS library and plugins to support FLAC, AAC, OPUS, etc, the filesize is around 732kb over here.
is it stealth? ;)

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Re: Tiny Audio Players

#34 Post by Midas »

While not really in the same league with __philippe's maximum compression list (hat tip!) but -- considering that with minimal footprint usually comes minimal compatibility, plus I personally don't restrict myself to MP3 anymore -- a quick perusal of Codecpack.co "Audio Players" category yielded a couple of sub-1MB player candidates, so here they are for our audience delight (NB: generally untested, sizes as found over there): :|

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Re: Tiny Audio Players

#35 Post by juverax »

Nano CD Player 2017: http://guerilla.bplaced.net/x86WinSoft.html
Size: 98 KB, no install
GUI : http://guerilla.bplaced.net/x86WinSoft/ ... C2017b.png
Note that Nano CD Player only plays the audio tracks of an Audio CD inserted in the computer. It does not play audio files stored on the hard drive of the computer.

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