MyNotes Keeper has a portable freeware version.

Submit portable freeware that you find here. It helps if you include information like description, extraction instruction, Unicode support, whether it writes to the registry, and so on.
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MyNotes Keeper has a portable freeware version.

#1 Post by MakoSoft »

MyNotes Keeper is well-known, a free-form notes manager.
This application has been in development for many years.
MyNotes Keeper now has a portable and freeware version.

MyNotes Keeper is small, fast, easy to use, efficient for
many different works. The notes are organized as a tree,
and database is a single file. This software has a modern
design and is professionally implemented. The Authors
quickly and clearly answer user's questions by e-mail.

Text editor has all the standard editing functions that MS Word
has, and is compatible with Microsoft (tm) Office in the area of
import and export data. Tables may be inserted, pictures too.

The Pro version of the program is paid. The Free version has only
minor limitations compared to the commercial one.They mainly
concern the lack of encryption and only a few types of data export.
The freeware version is a powerful tool and is very attractive for
everyday use. It is not time-limited, without reminders and ads.
User interface is clear, nice, with many customization options.

Here is a comparison of MyNotes Keeper Pro vs Free Version:

Software Name: MyNotes Keeper
Developers: MyNotes Keeper Team
System: Windows (tm) 7 / 8 /10 / 11

MyNotes Keeper portable versions downloads:

Latest Stable release v. 3.9.6 (Build 2268) of 2023-07-19: (11.9 MB)

Latest Beta version 3.9.7 (Build 2273) of 2023-08-21:
https: // (12.1 MB)

After unpacking the downloaded archive mnk(beta).zip
to the selected folder we get a free version ready to work.

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Re: MyNotes Keeper has a portable freeware version.

#2 Post by Ennovy »

Nice find, thanks
Beautiful interface, lots of features and I think it's stealth

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Re: MyNotes Keeper has a portable freeware version.

#3 Post by FileHandler »

I am impressed, it really seems to have come of age, compared to years ago, when I first tried it out and was not happy with the interface.

This has improved considerably. With fonts and BG customizable for tabs, tree and text, a search sidebar on the right, it now strikes me as the closest clone to Keynote NF. In some areas, it even seems superior (toolbar scalable and easier to customize), while other features are missing or fall short of Keynote (like virtual nodes).

I will test it thoroughly over the next few weeks.
Thanks for reminding me of this app.

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Re: MyNotes Keeper has a portable freeware version.

#4 Post by Caroline Wong »

It's fantastic there is such a full-featured freeware offering for note taking and organization. The tree structure sounds likeonly up game it allows notes to be tailored to any system desired.

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