Run-in-Sandbox (Powershell extension script)

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Run-in-Sandbox (Powershell extension script)

#1 Post by Midas »

Run-in-Sandbox is a Powershell script that will add options to Windows 10 context menu to run anything inside the Windows sandbox -- which of course must be installed beforehand.
[Run-in-Sandbox] allows you to do the below things in Windows Sandbox just from a right-click by adding context menus.
Run PS1, VBS, CMD, EXE, MSI, Intunewin, MSIX, or extract ISO, ZIP in Windows Sandbox very quickly just from a right-click


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Re: Run-in-Sandbox (Powershell extension script)

#2 Post by Specular »

Nice find. Looks useful for those with Windows Pro.

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