Xelitan PDF Reader

Submit portable freeware that you find here. It helps if you include information like description, extraction instruction, Unicode support, whether it writes to the registry, and so on.
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Xelitan PDF Reader

#1 Post by Tomxe »

Xelitan PDF Reader - is a fast and easy-to-use PDF viewer. Allows users to export embedded images, extract pages to PDF, remove pages from PDF documents and convert to PNG images.

List of features:

- convert PDF to PNG images
- convert PDF to TXT
- extract pages to PDF
- remove pages from PDF
- list fonts used in PDF
- extract embedded images
- no ads
- full version
- drag&drop .PDF documents onto the program to open them
- just 2 files, writes nothing to disk
- writes to the Registry only if you want to associate .pdf extension with the program
- print PDF documents
- free for personal and commercial use
- about 4 MB after unpacking


Direct Download:


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Andrew Lee
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Re: Xelitan PDF Reader

#2 Post by Andrew Lee »

@Tomxe: Would you be willing to go one step further and add this to the database? Just make sure you are logged in, goto the home page (where all the database entries are displayed), then click on "Add entry" at the top right corner.

After you are done, make sure to post the link for the new entry here. If you hit any problems with adding the entry, do let me know so the issue can be fixed.

FYI, I have downloaded and tested out the program, and I think it's great! For 4MB, you get a minimalist PDF reader that is also able to extract pages as PDF and JPEG. The only minor thing I find missing are short description popups when I mouse over the buttons.

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Re: Xelitan PDF Reader

#3 Post by __philippe »

Thanks to @Tomxe for this excellent, commendably sleek addition to TPFC !

Agree with @Andrew a few mouseover hints would be most welcome.

For instance:

• what are the functionality differences between the blue|green disks icons ?
• is the top-right box exclusively used for searching or for something else ?

Suggestions for the ineluctable future versions... :wink: :

• any chance to add a bare-bone (text-only) edit function ?
• rename the lib.dll module to something like pdflib.dll ?
(rationale: retain some intuitive relationship with the associated pdf.exe module,
for the benefit of users wading thru myriads of unrelated *.dll | *exe file in a single directory)

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Re: Xelitan PDF Reader

#4 Post by Tomxe »

Thank you for the suggestions! An updated version should released in a week.

The blue save button saves the whole document while the green save button saves just the current page. I guess it should be explained.
The top-right box is just for searching.

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Re: Xelitan PDF Reader

#5 Post by Cornflower »

Great job. It is on my USB for sure.

I've done a few tests. I do like how it is very small and enveloped in two files, adding to its portability. There is not a lot of wasted screen space for the buttons. It has case insensitive search, basic info about embedded fonts. Here are some observations and suggestions that hopefully enhance it without a ton of work for you.
  • Agree with @Andrew that the spartan look omits hover hints
  • Agree wuth @__philippe that lib.dll is not a great name, and imo neither is pdf.exe. Both are ambiguous for housekeeping. My suggestsions is that the DLL, since it is just one file, should have the same name as the executable. Might I suggest something like Xelitan.exe and Xelitan.dll, or XelitanPDF.exe and XelitanPDF.dll?
  • Export text is really nice and clean. I was a bit confused with the page numbering (blue icon) starting at 0 as none of my other pdf tools use this numbering
  • NOTE The Save to images, Extract images, text, and pages all overwrite existing file. A warning would be nice, if not an option.
  • The print menu only allows me to print all pages, and not one or a set of pages
  • There are no hotkeys for anything. I miss Ctrl-F for find/search and {F3} for next search, myself
Finally here is one that is odd but I don't expect a fix given the uniqueness of it all. I use a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard which has a toggle key that zooms in and out. On Xelitan, and only on Xelitan, it acts as a PgUp/PgDn key. Weird.

Again, thanks for this small, quirky, yet useful pdf viewer.

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Re: Xelitan PDF Reader

#6 Post by Tomxe »

Update, version 1.2:

1) hints in toolbar
2) fixed printing
3) Ctrl+F and F3 can be used for searching
4) Exporting a page asks if you want to overwrite files
5) DLL and EXE names changes to XelitanPDF
6) Numbering starts at 1, not 0

Adding text editing options isn't a simple thing. The program was not designed for editing anything. But maybe in the future it will be possible.

@Cornflower do you know what key codes your keyboard sends to Zoom in/Zoom out?

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Re: Xelitan PDF Reader

#7 Post by __philippe »

Thanks @Tomxe for the fast update ! :D

Allow me a few housekeeping suggestions:

1 - It would be nice to include the distro release version in the *.zip filename, such as pdf_reader_v12.zip...or some such

2 - For the sake of telling apart successive upcoming binaries:
When building/compiling new PE releases from source, could you please make sure to include the appropriate linker/compiler directives
required to identify the modules creation timestamp and sundry other standard module identifiers ?

For instance, in the current v1.2 release,
XelitanPDF.dll module shows all the pertinent, up-to-date ID info (as displayed by Sysinternals SigCheck tool)

Code: Select all

        Verified:       Unsigned
        Link date:      07:00 02/04/2023
        Publisher:      n/a
        Company:        Google Inc.
        Description:    PDFium (compiled by github.com/bblanchon)
        Product:        pdfium
        Prod version:   114.0.5715.0
        File version:   114.0.5715.0
        MachineType:    64-bit
        Binary Version: 114.0.5715.0
        Original Name:  pdfium.dll
        Internal Name:  pdfium
        Copyright:      Copyright 2023 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
        Comments:       n/a
        Entropy:        6.934
XelitanPDF.exe, however, does not:

Code: Select all

        Verified:       Unsigned
        Link date:      02:00 01/01/1970
        Publisher:      n/a
        Company:        n/a
        Description:    n/a
        Product:        n/a
        Prod version:   n/a
        File version:   n/a
        MachineType:    64-bit
        Binary Version: n/a
        Original Name:  n/a
        Internal Name:  n/a
        Copyright:      n/a
        Comments:       n/a
        Entropy:        5.887
Forgive my (constructive ?) nitpicking... :wink: ... and thanks again for your excellent product and the recent changes ! :D

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Re: Xelitan PDF Reader

#8 Post by nickoftime »

This is really good and fast. I believe it rivals Sumatra PDF; it is much smaller in size, fast to load, and has a more modern UI. This one is going into my tool kit as my default PDF viewer.


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