Icons8 Lunacy [graphic editor]

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Icons8 Lunacy [graphic editor]

#1 Post by tproli »

I was trying out Lunacy yesterdays as a free alternative to the retired Adobe Fireworks, but unfortunately even if it would fit for me in almost every aspect, it's very buggy. Text handling is terrible, often I got editing another text object then the selected one, and hitting enter on text size input boxes worked randomly (mostly not). Plus yesterday I lost about half hour of work because I made some undos and all I got was a blank page. If these bugs would be ironed out it would be a great software. Perhaps it works better on Win10, I was on Win8.


There's a portable version but reportedly it's not portable at all.

What's promising is Adobe XD (free) but I would like to avoid that, Adobe software are not famous for being portable nor lightweight :) And it's also too much to my needs.


I think I'll stick with Affinity Designer.

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#2 Post by Romarain »

I'm a webdesigner under progress, and I discovered a good software for wireframing under WINDOWS.
It uses the famous Sketch file type (developed for MAC), allowing designers to work on Windows and to share their work between platforms !
The UI is quite good, while perfectible, and I think that it would greatly replace my use of Pencil (an other wireframing software I was using, but not portable).

Pro :
- Can have all what is in Pencil, meaning : shapes, groups of shapes, page linking, etc.
- Add good features like a zoom of the board, pre-build board sizes, and layouts !

Con :
- Don't have a library system of shapes : instead, a "symbol" system, and the need to export things between each working file.
- The right panel can't be hidden (for now, but I'll ask this as a feature request).





Native Windows app that works offline and supports .sketch files

  • Minimal toolbar, enough for most of shapes.
  • Groups of shapes, with good connectors (no resizing glitches, AFAIK).
  • Layouts (must-have !!).
  • Board pre-build sizes.
  • Board zooming.
  • Can move in the board with <space> + left-click.
  • Multiple pages viewing at the same time.
  • Right-panel for precise options like sizing, borders, shadows, etc.
  • Export in vital images formats (PNG, SVG).
  • Can generate programming related code (CSS, XAML).
  • Compatibility with Sketche ! (opening and editing)


Size : 30MB
Images : Download : http://desktop.icons8.com/lunacy/LunacyPortable.zip
Category: Graphics - Editors
System Requirements: Windows
Writes settings to: unknown
Dependencies: unknown
Stealth: unknown
License: unknown. See https://icones8.fr/our-business-model/
How to extract: Just unzip. Ready to execute !
Similar/alternative apps: Sketche, Figma, Zeplin, Pencil, Balsamiq. See https://alternativeto.net/software/icons8-lunacy/

Doc : https://github.com/icons8/lunacy-docs

My opinion

This software is very precious. Not only it is very well designed and clean, but it is also compatible with Sketche, wich is a huge advantage !
Moreover, they seem opened to new features, and already thought about a portable version ! They need to be thanked for that. :wink:

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Re: Lunacy

#3 Post by zorro »

Great find! It looks like a modern, slim down version of good old Freehand (god bless you, Macromedia!).
Unfortunately I couldn't test it - NET 4.6.1 is needed :cry: ...but I inspected the folders a bit - besides the NET-questionability it could turn out portable and stealth. If you choose only one version (x64 or x32), the unpacked size is roughly 38 MB, which is remarkable slim for an application like that - at todays standards.

I wonder if this might be the first application to make me overcome my NET-aversion :shock:

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Re: Lunacy

#4 Post by webfork »

Maybe it's come along since tproli posted about it or maybe it works better on Win10. I found the "how it works" video very useful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rM4JKPeaISo ... I might try putting together something like that in the future for tools I use.

Steps: download the zip folder and extract either x86 or x64 to a folder of your choice. Launch Lunacy.exe

Status: Portable, not stealth. Writes a recent file list to registry and some non-critical files to AppData.

Resources: 75 megs RAM, 64 megs total (30 megs for the 64-bit, 34 megs for the x86 directory).

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Re: Lunacy

#5 Post by tproli »

I'll also try a new version when I'll need some design stuff. However I'm considering buying Affinity Designer instead, that would suit not only my basic design needs.

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Re: Lunacy

#6 Post by lintalist »

just saw this - might be interesting for Linux users as options seem to be limited on that platform:

Akira, The Linux Design Tool "UX/UI Design application for Linux" kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/al ... esign-tool
What does it do?
The main purpose of Akira is to offer a fast and intuitive tool to create Web and Mobile interfaces, more like Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD, with a completely native experience for Linux.

How is this different from Inkscape, Glade, or QML Editor?
It is drastically different in every aspect, from its purpose, to the different usability approach we're building.

While tools like Glade or Qt Creator are used to generate code and create working user interfaces that use specific toolkits like Gtk or Qt, Akira is a more general tool to design those interfaces before they're implemented - it's used for creating mock-ups, visualizations and vector graphics.

Inkscape is a great vector graphics tool, but it's mostly focused on print design and the user interface isn't ideal. Using Figma or Sketch, shows a different overall approach to the creative workflow, those tools are more intuitive and natural to use compared to Inkscape.

That's what Akira is striving for.

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Re: Lunacy

#7 Post by juverax »

Version 6.0 released August 04, 2020: https://docs.icons8.com/release-notes/

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Re: Lunacy

#8 Post by Midas »

Topic update: Lunacy v6.8 released 2021-02-03 (changelog at https://docs.icons8.com/release-notes/).

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Re: Icons8 Lunacy [graphic editor]

#9 Post by juverax »

Versions 9.0 and 9.1 (Beta) released :

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Re: Icons8 Lunacy [graphic editor]

#10 Post by melvinarda »

juverax wrote: Fri Mar 31, 2023 11:02 am Versions 9.0 and 9.1 (Beta) released :
Auto Layout shorcut still not available on this version
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