Hypatia Programmable Scientific RPN Calculator

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Hypatia Programmable Scientific RPN Calculator

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Hi, I’m new here … I have written a text-based programmable scientific RPN calculator for the Windows console named Hypatia. It is free, open source, and has a very small footprint. It can be called from the Windows desktop, the PowerShell, or from the command line. (It’s 32 bit, and should run on all not too ancient systems, but I haven’t tested it on anything older than Win 10). All files are being read from and written to the application folder. With the help of variables, scripts, if/then/else clauses, count- and condition controlled loops etc. you can use Hypatia for complex tasks like iterative calculations, Fibonacci sequences or Monte Carlo experiments, but it is also well suited for much simpler and more mundane everyday purposes, like basic arithmetic, or unit conversions. Simple one-line calculations can even be done directly from the command line prompt, without opening the program.

You can download Hypatia from http://hypatia-rpn.net
Any comments, questions, suggestions etc. (also regarding the documentation) would be welcome, and, of course, any bug reports. Thank you!

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