Fact200 1.08

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Fact200 1.08

#1 Post by substance21 » Thu Feb 14, 2008 7:24 am

Link: http://www.fact200.com/Fact200_108.zip

--click on preview frame (1-2px border) should activate minibrowser
--don't allow preview/minibrowser off the screen if it can be helped
--smoother operation when loading cached content
--fixed random crashes depending on code/resource length (DYNCREATE)
--fixed, view preview in slideshow doesn't mark image as viewed
--fixed crash when redirected to bad urls (bad server lookup)
--fix google scholar next result page handling

--detach minibrowser from main window
--Eliminate hiding of minibrowser find panel
--Add Close button to minibrowser find panel for easier closing of window.
--minibrowser now always looks for content in internal cache first
--clicks generally open into minibrowser (Except minibrowser external, and contexual item dropdown menu)
--change dropdown mode menu to rectangular buttons and get rid of recent mode
--add refresh button to minibrowser find panel
--get rid of always open in ie preference (always uses default browser now)

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