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#16 Post by Mike.S.G. » Mon Mar 01, 2021 10:04 pm


v1.0.4 (24-feb-21)
* Improved logic for the UWP Apps indexer in order for it to perform better and do less IO operations.

* Added special command $FLUSHUWP$ this will force a full reindexing of UWP Apps and write number of items found. It's mostly for debugging (you have to create a keyword and insert the command into the keywords command if you want to try it out).
v1.0.3 (23-feb-21)
* Added the option "Also try index UWP Apps" to "Setting" - "Indexing & cache". This will try to index UWP Apps as well if indexing is enabled. UWP Apps are mostly those "new" built-in Windows Apps that look like they were made for small children, in order to be tablet/touchscreen friendly etc. A prerequisite for this is you're running the bit version of Executor that match the bit version of the operating system. For example if you're running Windows 10 64bit, you also need to run the 64bit version of Executor in order for the indexer to pick up these UWP Apps. Also on Windows versions older than Windows 10 this might not work (UWP Apps will then just not be indexed). Certain user security restrictions might also prevent the indexing. The option is on by default. The UWP Apps are the last items that the Executor indexer will scan, so you might need a bit of patience the first time (but they will be cached etc. if you have cache options enabled).

* Fixed bug with all the $GRAB...$ related commands with text being corrupted.

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