Fact200 1.0

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Fact200 1.0

#1 Post by substance21 » Wed Mar 07, 2007 1:08 am

Fact200 has exited beta status!


--highlight original search terms in minibrowser
--recent result mode now allows sub searching
--recent result mode now progressively searches for more results up to a maximum
--minibrowser content search now color codes other status (found,wrapped)

--fixed leak in minibrowser search
--fixed leak when disconnects occur during content retrieval
--fixed leak when fetching images as content
--fixed leak in minibrowser auto-scroll
--fixed main tab control resizing to entire pane size in win2k
--fixed source link in result list not triggering re-filter
--fixed filtering through loaded results when 'limit load indexing' library setting is on
--fixed bolding of search terms when search terms are ideograms
--fixed problem when external style sheets have style tags
--fixed problem with skipping over some style sheet directives when @import is used

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