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Create Your Own HomePage

#1 Post by Stoik » Tue Sep 04, 2018 7:33 am

I am looking for software, OR an online engine/resource,
that lets you create your own web page - according to your own preferences.

The output news web page should be
something like,
and when I say "like" I mean the structure and format, not the content.
It should contain only text, and only titles - that would be links to the articles I want.
In the preferences, I could choose for example :
- give me the top 3 tennis news (title links) from BBC/Sports/Tennis,
- give me the top 3 health news (title links) from CNN/Health,
- and the top 3 musical news from ... whatever.
That way I get a beautiful morning read (tennis + health + music),
without all the political poison and backstabbing
that I would normally get from Fox News, CNN, etc.

I have a similar software for comics,
called simply Comics (or Comics DownLoader), version 3.2,
Now the program is hopelessly outdated and most links have changed (don't work any more),
but in it's heyday the program would list some 150 comics in the preferences,
you would choose e.g. your 10 favorite comics (like Popeye, Hagar, Dilbert),
and it would create a page on your PC
with the 10 selected comics only, no other text, no other crap.
A wonderful morning read with your first coffee of the day !
Start your day with a laugh.

I am looking for such "WEB PAGE AGGREGATION" programs for NEWS and for COMICS.
Do You guys (and girls) have any knowledge on this to share with the rest of us ?

"Positive thinkers" unite !
The bullshitters can't drag us down with their crap - if we can "filter out" their crap.

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Re: Create Your Own HomePage

#2 Post by Cornflower » Tue Sep 04, 2018 8:52 am

I use as my news feed. It gives a list of many tech-related feeds, but you can add your own RSS or ATOM feeds as well. It has a choice of 5-15 headlines per site and a few other tweaks.

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Re: Create Your Own HomePage

#3 Post by Stoik » Tue Sep 04, 2018 9:32 am

In my original description above,
I forgot to mention that I would like to avoid :
1. additional technical gimmicks - like RSS feeds to my cellphone, etc, and especially
2. "we will let you know" services - like Yahoo sending you emails with news links.

Once, in the late 1990's, I subscribed to such a Yahoo service,
and - no matter how much I narrowed my criteria - I would get over 200 emails from Yahoo every day.
Obviously, I cancelled that subscription VERY quickly.

My whole idea is to reduce my information overload (and to improve the selective quality of my information),
while many these "services" often do quite the opposite - they increase the information overload !

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