Problem Step Recorder alternatives

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Problem Step Recorder alternatives

#1 Post by webfork » Sat Mar 17, 2018 2:54 pm

I've highlighted a lot of record-as-you-work tools over time, but as new versions of Windows come out, I renewed my efforts to find programs that can keep doing this and I cataloged some results.

What is PSR and why do you need alternatives?

PSR is a program that appeared in Windows machines after Windows 7 primarily as a bug detection / troubleshooting program. It's great but not without it's problems including poor JPEG quality, difficulty to edit or modify, and lack of support for the output outside of Windows. If you can't get away from PSR, consider pypsr - , a program that will break open a PSR file, which is helpful, but doesn't solve the poor image quality problem.

Some free alternatives
  • Use ShareX to autocapture and then run a program that detects and deletes duplicates (I use the command-line SFK), leaving only the screens that have changed. This isn't ideal for especially long processes when you can't remember specifics about what clicks caused which actions.
  • ActivePresenter - has a "Demo Recorder" function in version 7. Problem: it's not freeware and the latest version is 64-bit only, but version 6 is still very workable.
  • Record a standard desktop video (for example with Easy Screencast Recorder) good quality and using something like (you have to build it yourself, requires Visual Studio) and then go back and make screenshots of those steps
  • Use ScreenToGif, which records in frames that can be broken apart and used separately
Might not work with systems above Win 7
  • Imago - small, simple, works great but very old. Has issues with multiple monitors that have multiple resolutions. HTML output is workable but a little broken. You have to edit a text file to modify the config.
  • StepsToReproduce - works great but also very old and the editor is very buggy/crashy. I usually save it's output and open it up with 7zip and just import all those images into PowerPoint or Impress.
Other tools

Various virtual meet programs including TeamViewer, LogMeIn, WebEx, etc. supposedly have tools on this. I'm not clear on what's available in their free versions.

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