Micro (CLI text editor)

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Micro (CLI text editor)

#1 Post by Midas » Wed Apr 26, 2017 11:19 am

Anyone looking for a CLI only text editor? Thought so... Here's Micro (https://micro-editor.github.io/), a multi-platform FOSS console only but highly configurable text editor.
  • [url]https://micro-editor.github.io/[/url] author wrote:Micro is a terminal-based text editor that aims to be easy to use and intuitive, while also taking advantage of the full capabilities of modern terminals. It comes as one single, batteries-included, static binary with no dependencies, and you can download and use it right now.
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Download Micro 32 or 64-bit latest release (currently v1.1.4) from https://github.com/zyedidia/micro/releases.

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Re: Micro (CLI text editor)

#2 Post by TP109 » Thu Apr 27, 2017 4:31 am

This looked like it could be lightweight so I quickly tested it, but it's not as light on usage as might be supposed. It's installation size isn't that small either at 7.5MB and it has about the same usage for RAM, Pk RAM, and VM as Notepad++ or the x-Context programming editors, and those are at at the top of the resource usage scale. It's minimum RAM usage is average at about 3MB, but the Pk RAM on start and VM are surprisingly high. As a comparison, it uses almost x10 the resources and at least x10 the disk space as MetaPad, Editor2, or Notepad2.

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