CleanMem v.1.2.1

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CleanMem v.1.2.1

#1 Post by chezduong » Mon Sep 22, 2008 2:05 pm

CleanMem v.1.2.1

Install, copy cleanmem.exe and cleanmem_ignore_list.txt to a folder on your USB key. Compress with UPX. Uninstall. (I did not try Universal Extractor on it). Double-click cleanmem.exe to start program.

Program cleans memory and quits. No registry keys, no stray files.

Warning, the install program does change registry keys and does install files to the Windows directory…just JauntePE it.
Cleanmem is a tool I wrote for my customers and have used it on their systems for the past few years, and decided to release it on the net. If you have any problems please let me know either by the contact page or the forums!The program will install and set it to run every 30 min via the windows task scheduler You can change this to any amount of time you like by simply going to the task scheduler in windows and changing any of the options you like.
Install it and your done! The program doesn't run in the back ground, once it does its job it closes and doesn't run again until the task scheduler runs it.

The program is very simple to operate as it will run and clean the memory out of all processes it can, without any user input.
Some anti viruses and such protect their processes so of course cleanmem can't touch those.

This doesn't work like other memory cleaners that do nothing but force windows to free up memory by using up all the avail. memory.
This old trick then causes your system to lag big time!

Cleanmem works in a matter of about 5 sec. It uses a windows api call that is in Windows 2000,xp,2003,Vista & 2008
that tells windows to cleanup the workspace of a processes thus freeing up any memory the process no longer needs. Other memory cleaners end up forcing the memory into the page file slowing down your system.
This tool does not. The API call frees up unused memory from programs, when a program needs the memory again it can simply take it back instead of forcing the memory out of ram and into the page file.A good example is this, say you have QuickBooks installed and setup for multi user mode.
The QuickBooks service takes 37mb of memory just sitting there! when cleanmem is ran it uses only 600kb
and wont grow again until it actually is used. The same goes for all processes.

If a processes needs more memory it gets it back in a sec, I have it set to run every 30 min in the windows task scheduler.
You wont notice any performance hit of any kind even when pushing your system to the max playing a heavy 3d game (In my case I tested it playing Age Of Conan)

So basically set it and forget it, memory leaks from programs will be a thing of the past with this tool.

If you need to run it manually you can simply make a shortcut to it in the system32 dir, or just open your run command
and type in cleanmem and hit ok!

To see when it works just open the task manager and click on the processes tab.
Run the program and then in 5 sec watch the memory from all the processes drop :-)

This tool is free.

Download - Zip file, non setup (12.6 kb)
(Per user request I have made a zip file with just Cleanmem itself. No setup, this is for people who wish to run Cleanmem off a thumb drive or cd or even across the network. The only files Cleanmem requires is the Visual Basic 6 run time files, which are already in xp and above by default. Then what does the setup contain? It contains of course Cleanmem, the scheduler files and the vb6 runtime setup)

What MajorGeeks had to say about my program:
"Your loosening up unused memory on application frankly works very well. Since this installs unobtrusively and is automated at no memory loss, we decided that some people might love it. Of course many people think these programs are bogus, hence the reference to the "memory debate". Majorgeeks has not added a memory freeing application in years. I'm now glad I did simply because people can debate if it works or not (it does) but the ability to try it, then remove it is important. But for us to add this program was a huge deal simply because they are rarely accepted. Your passion helped it to happen.

I beta test a lot so this is helpful. I also notice it freed up memory from app's that I hardly use. This means, to me, that dozens of app's I rarely use can free up memory for others. Overall, on my 2 gig system, I was able to free up about 200 megs, until I run those programs again, although most were already running or would not be run again meaning that 200 megs was freed.

Tim Tibbetts"
Enjoy. CD

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#2 Post by bassiliin » Tue Sep 23, 2008 10:38 am

there is also non-setup .zip file available in homepage.

edit: now i saw that you also edited your post with this :D

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#3 Post by m^(2) » Tue Sep 23, 2008 10:53 am

Useless. When low on memory, Windows does it itself.

I've been experimenting with the same a while ago - I've been freeing virtual machines' processes' memory, thinking that such directed work will be better than automatic Windows noticeable difference, confirmed by few people on few computers.

This program frees all, I guess that it's actually worse than what Windows does.

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