Portable GUI apps from Sordum (some also have CLI

Submit portable freeware that you find here. It helps if you include information like description, extraction instruction, Unicode support, whether it writes to the registry, and so on.
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Portable GUI apps from Sordum (some also have CLI

#1 Post by Cornflower » Tue Dec 01, 2020 7:16 am

Here is Sordum's list of GUI utilities, some of which also have command line (CLI) options. You will notice that many are duplicated in my post yesterday in cli submissions forums, but they also belong here if they have a GUI as well.

Sordum claims all are portable, and the few I've tried so far are portable and appear stealth.

Note: some require Administrator access to work.


Dns jumper - Change DNS - #GUI
Windows Update Blocker - Block Windows Update (or any other service you add to the configuration - #GUI
Defender Control - Disable/Enable Windows Defender - #CLI #GUI
Firewall App Blocker - Control firewall (turn off/on, whitelists, blocklists, etc.) - #CLI #GUI
Easy Context Menu - Context Menu Manager #GUI
Easy Service Optimizer - Services enabler/disabler- #CLI #GUI
BlueLife Hosts Editor - Edit the hosts file - #CLI #GUI
ReIcon - Save/Restore Icon Layouts - #CLI #GUI
Edge Blocker - Block or unblock Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 - #CLI #GUI
DNS Angel - Parenting COntrol via DNS - #GUI
Reduce Memory - Memory Optimizer - #CLI #GUI
Ratool - Disable or write-protect USBs - #GUI
Qemu Simple Boot - QEMU tester - #GUI
Ntfs Drive Protection - NTFS write protection - #GUI
WebCam On-Off - Enable/disable webcam - #CLI #GUI
AskAdmin - Add additional password to some apps - #GUI
Folder Painter - Change foler icons/colours - #CLI #GUI
RunAsTool - Like RunAs, but can put password in command line - #CLI #GUI
Show Disk Partition Style - GUI to show Partition info` - #GUI
BlueLife KeyFreeze - Lock/unlock mouse and keyboard - #GUI
Router Default Passwords - Router password control - #GUI
Reg Converter - Converts .reg files to .bat/.vbs/.au3, import from clipboard - #CLI #GUI
PowerRun - Runas with TrustedInstaller privileges - #CLI #GUI
Simple Run Blocker - block / whitelist apps from runing (parent control) - #GUI
Drive Letter Changer - Reassign drive letters - #CLI #GUI
Bluetooth Version Finder - find Bluetooth version - #GUI
Simple VHD Manager - Virtual Hard Drive manager - #CLI #GUI
Registry Key Jumper - Jump to key in favourites list, add/delete keys - #GUI
Net Disabler - temporary turn off internet/DNS/devices - #CLI #GUI
Window TopMost Control - Make a window topmost - #CLI #GUI
Defender Injector - add/delete exclusions to Windows Defender - #CLI #GUI
Dns Lock - keep ipv4/6 preferred DNS servers constant - #CLI #GUI
Backup Start Menu Layout - backup pinned apps in start menu - #CLI #GUI
SendTo Menu Editor - Edit SendTo list - #GUI
Hide From Uninstall List - As teh title says - #GUI
Restart Explorer - Restart/Refresh WIndows Explorer/rebuild icon cache - #CLI #GUI
Reset Data Usage - Reset/Backup data usage - #CLI #GUI
Hibernate - Enable/Disable Hibernate mode - #CLI #GUI
Win10 Settings Blocker - Block settings w/o using Group Policy Editor - #GUI
Bpuzzle - 16-puzzle game - can add own pics - #GUI
Classic Shut Down - Shutdown from gui or cli - #CLI #GUI
Sordum Monitor Off - turn off monitor optionally locking keyboard or mouse - #CLI #GUI
Password Generator - random password generator - #CLI #GUI
Show Desktop Icons - Show or hid the Windows 10 common icons - #CLI #GUI
Desktop.ini Editor - Edit folder desktop.ini files - #CLI #GUI
VHD For Context Menu - (Un)Mount virtual hard disks/ISO files in context menu - #GUI
Simple Firefox Backup - Firefox profile manager - #CLI #GUI
Find Prime Numbers - generate prime numbers (configurable) - #GUI
Streams Remover - Remove ntfs streams / prevent downloaded files from being blocked by windows - #CLI #GUI
Safe Mode Launcher - boot into safe.normal/netowrk mode with options - #CLI #GUI
Switch Power Scheme - as the title says - #GUI
URL Disabler - blacklist or whitelist urls from computer - #GUI
No Mouse Wheel Zoom - Turn off mouse wheel zoom (can be app specific) - #GUI

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Re: Portable GUI apps from Sordum (some also have CLI

#2 Post by aazard » Tue Dec 01, 2020 8:52 am

tested a ton:

Notable tools:

Reg Converter << under 800kb wtf, few apps offer this ease! << dont miss this!
Qemu Simple Boot v1.3 <-- best on list, WELL MADE! 2.7mb
Find Prime Numbers <<- Super pi, but modern, stressed a R5 3600X cpu << tiny 320kb!
Reduce Memory < cmd option..well made, light, really works! under 900kb, 32bit & 64bit versions in same folder (I'd rather unicode, but better than 64bit only)

Tools are light, Clean UI, TRUSTWORTHY

Qemu Simple boot is equal to MobaLiveCD, but it has a better UI/options...2.69mb UPX repacked

Regconvert is my current pet fav, great idea, the ease!

Reduce memory < mem reduct NOW has competition,, byte4byte...finally

Find Prime Numbers < for its size, stresses the fastest cpu's.. if you know "super-pi mod" this is basically a modern improvement to it
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Re: Portable GUI apps from Sordum (some also have CLI

#3 Post by aazard » Tue Dec 01, 2020 8:55 am

Sordum is at a byte4byte level .... on par with Nirsoft and Software OK Tools...I'm, 100% donating to them!

I consider Nirsoft & Software OK to be "AAAA" dev's, and I'm happy to consider Sordum in the same "class", its an exclusive club mostly for api & assembly coders of outstanding skill & generosity

Small & potent, commercial grade software, for FREE

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Re: Portable GUI apps from Sordum (some also have CLI

#4 Post by aazard » Tue Dec 01, 2020 9:01 am

More to the point, these should 101% added to listings, consider alternatives listed as Nirsoft tools & Software OK tools (they are most similar offerings on site, and on net at large)

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Re: Portable GUI apps from Sordum (some also have CLI

#5 Post by aazard » Tue Dec 01, 2020 11:07 am

PowerRun < also super good, few non-cmd tools do this

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