Ratool v1.4 (Removable Access tool)

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Ratool v1.4 (Removable Access tool)

#1 Post by klon » Wed May 20, 2020 8:27 am

Removable Access tool is a very simple-to-use portable freeware Application , You can protect your confidential data from being copied by others . Ratool can disable USB storage access or enable write protection on all USB Flash drives thus prevent data from being modified or deleted.

What you can do with Ratool :

1. You can Block All USB ports ( USB memory , External HDD ... can't connect to your Pc), Disable USB disk detection allow you to Disables any USB storage / PenDrive access to your pc

2. Allow Read-Only : This option allows the computer can only read it from USB disks. In certain cases you may not want the files on your computer are copied to the USB disks that plugged into your computer.

3. You can Block your CD-DVDrom

4. You can Block SD card connection

5. You can Block the connection with the smartphone (Options - WPD devices - Block Access)

6. You can set A Password to the Application

7. You can Block Tape devices, Floppy devices...

8. You can Block All USB devices excewpt yours (White List mode)


There are a lot of such tools available on the internet but they are not effective for example if you use one of the USB Disabler and disable any usb storage / Pendrive you can use another tool and enable it again easily that mean ; they actually not protect your Usb ports, that is the point why we published Ratool , if you use Ratool you don’t have to worry about such a situation because other tools can not easily break the Ratool’s protection.

Ratool v1.4 What is new: (Wednesday , 20. May 2020)
1. [Fixed] – Ratool Password protection can be cracked – (critical)
2. [Fixed] – Ratool can’t block CD&DVDRom device on Windows Home and single language
3. [Fixed] – Ratool can’t block WPD device (Smartphone etc.) on Windows Home & Single lang.
4. [Fixed] – Ratool can’t Unblock USB ports Which blocked by Bitlocker
5. [Fixed] – Ratool settings can’t apply immediately in Windows Home and single Language
6. [Fixed] – If there is no TEMP Folder, Ratool Doesn’t work (Error line 10.)
7. [Fixed] – Prevent Installation of USB devices feature (White List) Doesn’t work
8. [Fixed] – Ratool GUI is too small
9. [Added] – x64 Version, Some code improvements and minor BUG fixes

Usage video (Official)

https://www.sordum.org/8104/ratool-v1-4 ... cess-tool/

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Re: Ratool v1.4 (Removable Access tool)

#2 Post by mercury » Sat May 23, 2020 5:29 am

very useful , I have been using for a long time. Thank you

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