MyTunesRSS v1.2

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MyTunesRSS v1.2

#1 Post by plastique » Wed May 31, 2006 10:58 am

MyTunesRSS is a application for configuring and starting a server. You can access this server with any web browser, search your iTunes music library and create an individual play list. The play list is published as an RSS feed with the feed items containing links to the music files. These files are served through the server as well.

MyTunesRSS supports MP3 and unprotected AAC files from your iTunes library. You can also create RSS feeds directly from your existing iTunes playlists. Access to the web application and therefor your library can be protected with a password.

With MyTunesRSS you can for example use a Playstation Portable to listen to the music from your iTunes library. The songs are streamed to the PSP through the WLAN feature. Also any other device with a web browser and capable of receiving podcasts can be used. Listen to your music with any such device even if it is not iTunes enabled.

Since MyTunesRSS is pure Java, you can run it on any platform supporting Java 1.5 and iTunes.

Home Page

Download ...

Mac OS X also available (check home page)

System requirements
Java Runtime 1.5
Apple iTunes

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