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Re: StorURL

#16 Post by rbon » Wed Apr 28, 2021 9:47 am

StorURL rel. released on April 27, 2021
• web site:
• direct download portable: ...
• Softpedia: ... able.shtml
• MajorGeeks:
• Changelog (full history):
• What's new in this version (file 'changes.txt'): (Released: 2021-04-27)
• added support for dragging search results to new categories
• added support for exporting a structured XML document for importing into other StorURL databases (Released: 2021-04-17)
• added the bookmark count next to each category in the HTML generation function
• changed date display to a sortable format
• fixed weird crash when enumerating browsers
• fixed "System Default" browser menu item not actually being the system default browser for bookmarks that had a custom browser defined

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