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CD Sync (DotNET disk cataloguer)

Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 6:05 am
by Midas
I tested CD Sync prompted by the discussion on another similar utility topic and found it portable, despite the DotNET v2.0 requirement.

In my brief testing the CD Sync Portable proved to be so, despite registering the MDB file extension to the system's registry. wrote:CD Sync Portable is a disk cataloging software that allows you to catalog your CDs/DVDs/Flash Drives/Hard drive Folders etc. With CD Sync Portable, you get the ability to browse and search your data, even when the source media is not available.

CD Sync site is dead, so here are third-party download links for the last release (v1.0; Softpedia lists the installable version, FreewareFiles the natively portable one, the one I tested):

Re: CD Sync

Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2016 5:22 pm
by smaragdus

Thank you for your submission. CD Sync is not a bad program but is not what I need plus it is abandonware. I did a brief testing and I found out that it could not generate previews of video files, the categories could not be edited and I could not add my own ones. In fact Softpedia lists both the Installer and the Portable versions of CD Sync.

I give up. It seems that a cataloging program which would meet my requirements, free or not, portable or not, does not exist. I can't find a good outliner either.

Re: CD Sync (DotNET disk cataloguer)

Posted: Sat Apr 10, 2021 12:45 am
by ankitr.42
Hey @smaragdus

I am the developer of the CD Sync Program. I know I'm late by a couple of years, but by any chance do you still use CD Sync / another similar utility?
I open sourced the code to CD Sync sometime ago at:

If you're interested, you're welcome to dabble into the code.
If there's enough interest in the program, I might pick it up again and work towards an updated version. Let me know by creating a github issue:

- Ankit

Re: CD Sync (DotNET disk cataloguer)

Posted: Tue Apr 13, 2021 3:25 am
by Andrew Lee
Hi Ankit, welcome to the site.

I think it's unlikely you'd get a reply from smaragdus, since his stats indicate his last logon was in 2019!

But it's great you let us know you have open sourced the CD Sync program. You never know, someone might join the community later, finds your program fulfills a need and gets in touch with you.

Good luck!