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Radios Faves

Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2015 4:04 am
by h3kt0r
Download here
:arrow: ** Updated 23 February **

i've written a little app that lets you tune in to your favourite web radios by sending the stream URL to XMPlay. It's basic and it works fine. It uses 'SQLite' DLL to store the Radios names and their associated stream URL inside a database. If you want to use it, just slip it inside the XMPlay's folder and run it. If you want a fresh and empty database file, just delete the old one and restarting the program will create a blank new one. Thought someone may find it useful so, i'm posting it here : binary + sources attached as ZIP. This is FREE software; i mean you do HAVE the source-code with it...
Bug reports (if found), comments or suggestions are welcome via the "MAIL.ME" link to be found on the "Options" tab inside the application. Thank you !

>> Updates log <<
What's new ?

(23 FEB) Removed forum download on admin request.
Now the program is downloadable at "Google Drive".
Fixed a minor display bug.
Fixed a minor bug with timer.
Added tooltip to listview control. Clickin an item will show "autotune" time (see screenshot).
Lowered process priority from "normal" to "iddle"
RadioFaves will now be less hungry on RAM. Typically the program will use around two and three Mb at startup instead of six Mb before.

(21 FEB) Added features : "Autotuner" option and an options tab.
Added a "Grab URL from clipboard" feature.
Fixed a bug with right-clck menu.

(3 feb) I've added a basic skin to the application, function to shade the window, function to stay on top, quit app on [ESC] keypress. That's it.

Edit : Ha, also added an 'About' box accessible through right-click...
I guess this is first stable version and final one. :wink: