Submit portable freeware that you find here. It helps if you include information like description, extraction instruction, Unicode support, whether it writes to the registry, and so on.
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Re: SwiftSearch

#31 Post by Midas » Sat May 11, 2019 6:27 am

Trying to make sense of the whole SwiftSearch history timeline, I scraped every 'README.md' present in its files folders at SF.net and cobbled together what would be the closest thing to an official changelog. :|

FTR, here it is (and also at https://pastebin.com/7cJ1WFPa):

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# Version 7.4.2 README.txt, updated 2019-05-06

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a massive string search bug that caused incorrect argument parsing for
  the console version.
  It may have also affected the GUI version.

# Version 7.4.1 README.txt, updated 2019-05-01

Bug fixes:
- Console version mistakenly ignored drive letter in the beginning of pattern;
  should now work correctly
- Console version did not handle Unicode; now outputs UTF-8

# Version 7.4 README.txt, updated 2019-05-01

New features:
- Command-line version

- Updated Visual Studio compatibility
- Upgraded Boost

# Version 7.3 README.txt, updated 2018-11-26

- Compute file sizes exactly by accounting for directory index sizes, etc.
- Disable 32-bit file redirection to make 32-bit version work better on 64-bit
- Try multiple languages for file extraction, in case desired one isn't

# Version 7.2 README.txt, updated 2018-10-31

Changes in this release:
- Fix copy/cut/paste bugs
- Minor internal changes/fixes/polishing

# Version 7.1.3 README.txt, updated 2018-06-06 

Attempt to fix crashes (again)

# Version 7.0 README.txt, updated 2018-05-18 

Breaking changes:

1. Wildcard "*" is no longer multi-level; i.e., it no longer matches a
   Use two asterisks ("**") to denote multi-level matching (aka "globstar").  
   As a special case, \**\ can collapse into a single \ level.  
   For example, C:\**\*.txt will match both C:\1.txt and C:\1\2.txt.

2. NTFS metadata (such as $MFT, ::$REPARSE_POINT, etc.) are now hidden
   unless the Ctrl key is held when searching.
   (Alternate data streams are still shown, however.)

New features & improvements:

1.  Faster pattern matching.
2.  Extended globbing support. Use C:\a*\**\b*.txt to match C:\ax\y\z\bw.txt.
    Globbing & wildcards now use the regular expression engine underneath.
3.  Ctrl+C copies files like in Explorer. (No support for Ctrl+X though.)
4.  Shift+Ctrl+C copies file paths to the clipboard. (Beware memory usage!)
5.  Right-click also allows copying table to clipboard. (Beware memory usage!)
6.  Lower memory usage; NTFS limits are exploited more aggressively.
    (e.g. NTFS allows no more than 1023 hardlinks, so this is exploited.)
    Please watch out if you push the limits on NTFS, and report any problems.
7.  Content-aware column resizing.
    See the View menu or try holding Shift when resizing.
8.  Column sorting now has a heuristic progress bar (may not be 100% accurate)
    and sorting can now be cancelled.
9.  Column headers now display sorting direction (ascending/descending).
10. Column headers can now be moved around.

Bug fixes:

1. MUI file support seemed to be using language ID (e.g. 1033)
   rather than language name (en-US). This has been fixed.
2. Invalid regular expressions used to crash the program. Fixed.
3. And others...

# Version 6.4 README.txt, updated 2018-05-06 

Lots of improvements and bug fixes:
- Faster sorting
- Regex lookaheads (?=...) were broken; fixed
- CTRL/SHIFT/ALT enable additional features (see Help menu)
	- Hold CTRL to auto-size columns when resizing window
	- Hold SHIFT for breadth-first searching & sorting
	- Hold ALT when sorting by "size on disk" to find "bulky" files/folders
	=> Some of these partially worked on previous versions!
- Icon cache now cleared on F5
- Icon cache size is now bounded
- More internationalization

- Sorting now requires somewhat more memory

Known issues:
- Some strings (especially menus) are still English-only

# Version 1.5 README.md, updated 2018-06-23 [NOTE: only for 'SwiftSearchConsole.exe']

Version table

If you need to check your build's revision, you can find its file size and MD5
checksum below. However, my goal is to make it unnecessary to stay with earlier
versions of the software. If you notice any missing features or poor
performance, please report them before downloading an old version!

That way all other users can benefit from the fix as well.

Note: A few releases have resulted in the same file size.

Build date  Version  File size        File name               MD5 Checksum
----------  -------  ---------------  ----------------------  --------------------------------
2018-06-06  7.1.3    1,387,520 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         b898592ab1b06841d41ed9c0cb763363
2018-06-06  7.1.2    1,387,520 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         5777115bddd966b81ff96ddde8c95bfd
2018-06-05  7.1      1,383,936 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         ea70d98c1e162e8d30566025cb27f909
2018-05-18  7.0      1,344,000 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         0b8490e9cd91f297f165c77befd8c495
2018-05-05  6.4        897,024 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         a46159ee7e7e0489b0d308878686e7e4
2018-04-23  6.3        843,264 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         3003d89cf0f148d4653f1e685a6bf6d7
2018-04-21  6.2.3      800,256 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         ca7ccf9b39e1c5a4e364f8c6ea2e0548
2018-04-21  6.2.2      791,552 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         bc61f4e67bf9b574df6d4f65bcac8d4e
2018-04-21  6.2.1      770,048 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         a6d6523ade5b5ba334b5533dbe8213cd
2018-04-11  6.2        769,536 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         e1180d50aa7cafa19ab72b9a339bea66
2018-03-18  6.1        772,096 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         d3858d70c66899b8512916b091bd4bdf
2018-03-11  6.0        809,984 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         66efacac14857f3704df4079c31b117c
2018-02-23  5.1        792,064 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         12381a77adc39a12d13906e7b3f55565
2018-02-22  5.0.3      787,456 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         c07c5e31253e98f9516b8018147030a7
2018-02-10  5.0.2      785,920 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         f07107dbbdec1812003df8175c089964
2018-02-09  5.0.1      787,968 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         0bcbb076b943a08218e0466c7d5b024b
2018-02-02  5          788,992 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         edf3d9f55ca89702c3c2e825ead91c62
2015-11-29  4.2.1      774,656 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         845fb0b96646bb3b10d03403e2fbcc10
2015-11-28  4.2        774,656 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         a2ff72e1a64223e58771f9de93333150
2015-01-28  4.1        749,568 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         60f92ff7b0ce4f466a8c6e1250d6cbc6
2015-01-27  4.0        744,448 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         0a06fb599d5649fe45e0911c80f051e3
2014-04-18  3.0        870,912 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         0da6d2d7e432b4e8b5ad296e32a9b48f
2013-09-30  2.1.1      868,352 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         3b9222cbe6f9aee8ac58da16d4f6debf
2013-09-30  2.1.0      868,352 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         c7bcf18ab29ef93be74e46c9c39b9bbe
2013-09-28  2.0        865,280 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         bb4b49b82c189759f5387d81731345fb
2013-08-27  1.5         55,808 bytes  SwiftSearchConsole.exe  d4cf3608fcabc39c59219112c7ab8f9a
2013-08-27  1.5        855,040 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         be6e9c2af15a70a5c1111a65e271c2f5
2013-05-24  1.4         52,736 bytes  SwiftSearchConsole.exe  6a95e2a6e2337e1647b4bc21c53b7126
2013-05-28  1.4        850,432 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         71a1ae1ea8002f3c8f1dbcf19b744cba
2013-05-24  1.3         52,736 bytes  SwiftSearchConsole.exe  6a95e2a6e2337e1647b4bc21c53b7126
2013-03-14  1.3        843,776 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         a6a674f7e6b72268a1c20cdae6e90369
2012-12-23  1.2        820,736 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         d461da6f3a3577cc4efaae6a1cc7e416
2012-12-17  1.1        787,456 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         666aa3905cf26166d272765475d2f9e5
2012-12-16  1          323,584 bytes  SwiftSearch.exe         c545c7a01d109202e981d6da41468358

# Version 1.3 README.md, updated 2018-06-23

[NOTE: only for 'SwiftSearchConsole.exe' is the same as v1.5 above]

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Re: SwiftSearch

#32 Post by webfork » Tue May 14, 2019 6:47 am

user6878827 wrote:
Thu Nov 22, 2018 1:57 am
Yeah, unfortunately I learned about that long after I put up the project... I don't see a compelling reason to change it now though... I'd rather have it stay consistent.
Somehow this response got past me ...

Applying a non-software license to software doesn't actually have any consequences. It's like having someone sign a non-disclosure agreement and then just showing them your publicly available website. Whatever allowances or restrictions listed in the license will be ignored, and really the only thing that applies is standard copyright.
midas wrote:I scraped every 'README.md' present in its files folders at SF.net and cobbled together what would be the closest thing to an official changelog. :|
One of the strengths of Github is how it encourages devs to make that information more clearly visible. I really value that data as it tends to illustrate an active/healthy project and sometimes shows a direction. Thanks for putting that together.

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Re: SwiftSearch

#33 Post by Midas » Wed May 15, 2019 3:22 am

webfork wrote:
midas wrote:... the closest thing to an official changelog.
I really value that data as it tends to illustrate an active/healthy project and sometimes shows a direction.
Ditto. Here's the same logic applied to current thread posts...
NOTE: angular brackets denote date retrieved from post date.

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