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Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2007 12:33 pm
by teobromina
I found this software as one of the best for bible study and for ancient lenguages study (Latin & Greek for instance), by using several lenguages at a time in the parallel columns display. It can be made portable (I did it), and it is posible to launch it from a USB pendrive or a CDROm:


*JT. :wink:

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2007 8:19 pm
by usdcs
Hi JT.

Would you share what you did to make this portable?

Also, if you want another portable Bible study "package" you can check out Wordlinks.
The WordLinks Bible Study program is not really a program in the traditional sense. It does not install on your machine. It is made up of a combination of HTML and Javascript text files which can be read by any internet browser which supports javascript. This also means that WordLinks can run on any computer (operating system) which can read javascript and HTML. It is platform-independent. Nothing needs to be installed in the traditional sense. Just download the basic WordLinks module to a directory (location) on your computer and then open the study\index.htm file to start WordLinks.
I'm not sure whether it qualifies as an "application". But, it certalinly is portable! I'll leave it up to the "powers that be" whether this should be considered for the database.


Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 10:33 am
by teobromina
Hi Dan: Thank you for your indications. As you say "WordLinks Bible Study program is not really a program", ... but it serves to its purpose. In the site you mention there are interesting tools for those interested in bible study.
usdcs wrote:Would you share what you did to make this portable?
At the time I made this "Word" app portable I did not know Universal Extractor program and I olny knew the 'primitive method': I downloaded the program and all the language modules I wanted, then I installed the app and modules, then copied the installation folder to another disc, and finally unistalled the program.

Making some trials I saw that, copying the folder on a CDRW, it was running fine in another computer. So I got it.

If you want to take profit of all the functionality of the program is better to carry it in a USB pendrive instead to run it from a CDRom, because then you may save annotations and tags in the same program folder. But if you just want to read parallel texts in different lenguajes, you can do it from a CD.