CDS Unesco WinIsis (information retrieval system)

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CDS Unesco WinIsis (information retrieval system)

#1 Post by AlephX » Wed Jul 26, 2006 5:30 am

WinIsis 1.5 (former Unesco CDS ISIS for DOS and Linux)

oficial page: ... N=201.html

download page:

WinIsis is not a real payware, but, in order to use it, you need a password which can be provided by national and international organizations. Usually private users cannot access it, but organizations can do it.

What does it do?

It´s an IRS which works good with unstructured informations, like texts. It also has a quite complex indexing system and can also manipulate informations in a very similar manner to DBMS. Anyway it´s not a DBMS, even if it can be used for almost every kind of catalog. Indeed it´s used by bibliographic agencies, documentation centers, public archives and so on. Many libraries use this system for on-line catalogs.
There is the possibility of programming it with a Pascal-like language.

Is it portable?
Officially not, but it is easily installable to a removable device, after rewriting the setting files (like .ini).

Who needs it?
Anyone who needs a higly costumizable and powerful catolog system.

Typical uses:
bibliographic references
collection of indexed texts
bases of documents

other sites: ... .php?cid=1 ... adisis.asp

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