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The settings are exported to C: then re-imported after the app has been closed. I think the only solution to make it really portable as you want is to build a portable version from a sandbox software like Thinstall. Unfortunately, I have nor enough skills nor enough time to work on it now. I've built this portable edition for me to use on PCs that haven't OD already installed. Where OD is installed, I use a portable version of RocketDock (someone interested?). I think it's not a good idea to use my hand-made version on a system where ObjectDock is installed, as it will surely damage the currently installed settings and profiles. None of the changes that you could apply to your config would be a solution to do what you need. I always try to adapt my AutoIt scripts to the software original structure, no way for my little skills and knowledge to change the structure. :D
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Re: Stardock ObjectDock

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Old thread update: this has gone commercial. Moving to payware thread.

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