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Mirror - CLI tool to mirror two directories

Posted: Sun May 31, 2020 11:01 pm
by TP109
Mirror copies a directory to another location. If the destination directory already exists, Mirror only copies the files that have been added, modified, or deleted compared to the source directory.

Mirror is especially adapted to frequent backups. Compared to a classical directory copy, it saves time by only copying new or modified files. Moreover, when Mirror detects that a file is no more present in the source directory, it deletes it from the destination directory too. This saves disk space if you rename or move files.

  • Mirroring of two directories
  • Only the modified files are copied, using adjustable criteria: size, modification time, archive attribute, file contents comparison
  • Inclusive or exclusive mode: copy only some files, or all files but some of them
  • Patterns such as *.txt or *\.git to limit the number of files to copy
  • Advanced support of modification times: FAT imprecisions and limitations are supported
  • Unicode support
  • Many logging options
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Re: Mirror - CLI tool to mirror two directories

Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2020 3:24 am
by Midas
Mirror is made by the dev of Clavier+ (viewtopic.php?t=734) and Muzip (Guillaume Ryder) and is FTR at v1.4.4 released 2018-10-21.

I couldn't shake the impression that I had heard of Mirror before and, sure enough, when I browsed through my CLI folder there it was at v1.3. Thanks for refreshing my memory, TP109. :slight_smile: