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Re: PDF Editor: BeCyPDFMetaedit

Posted: Fri May 13, 2011 7:14 pm
by I am Baas

Best you can do is to contact the developer directly


Re: PDF Editor: BeCyPDFMetaedit

Posted: Tue May 17, 2011 2:38 pm
by kiu

Thanx for the advice. So I did contact the author – and here is his answer :

> --- Could that be fixed ?

No sorry, I don't have the time to maintain the program.
Benjamin Bentmann"



Re: PDF Editor: BeCyPDFMetaedit

Posted: Wed May 18, 2011 5:22 pm
by webfork
kiu wrote:So I did contact the author – and here is his answer
Thanks for the extra effort.

Re: PDF Editor: BeCyPDFMetaedit

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 6:46 am
by webfork
Old thread update: this program likely doesn't work with the latest PDF formats (see the 4dots program) but maybe someone will still find it useful: ... ... Edit.shtml

Re: PDF Editor: BeCyPDFMetaedit

Posted: Tue Apr 13, 2021 11:57 am
by tekeek
I came across this when looking to re-download this application noticing the one thing no one ever seems to mention.

This shows it allows you to incrementally update, complete rewrite and repair.


This shows the main feature I love, Restore Edition...I cannot find any application that allows for this not even Acrobat. I have come across some PDF that 5 editions. In one case I was able to rollback a doc after a watermark was applied.


Re: PDF Editor: BeCyPDFMetaedit

Posted: Tue Apr 13, 2021 12:04 pm
by tekeek
This site will allow the latest version of this BeCyPDFMetaEdit 2.37.0 for both the installer and just the executable ... dfmetaedit

Re: BeCyPDFMetaEdit [editor]

Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2021 6:09 am
by Midas
Topic update: as BeCyPDFMetaEdit is still drawing interest, despite its wewbsite being gone at the end of 2018, here are a couple of further information points still available about it.
The program loads PDF documents (conforming to specification 1.6) and allows editing of several settings like the metadata about author, title, subject and keywords of the document. Furthermore, one can customize the viewer preferences, the bookmarks, the page labels, the page transitions for slide shows and the encryption/permissions of a document.
By default, BeCyPDFMetaEdit uses so called incremental updates to save document editions. That means changes to the document are just appended to the end of the existing file without touching the previous content. When desired, such incremental update can be undone to restore the original content of the document. The alternative to incremental updating is completely rewriting the file. This way, all previously performed updates and the current changes are merged which results in a more compact file structure. In case of damaged documents, one can try the repair mode in order to restore a proper file structure so that the file can be opened without errors by viewer applications.
Note: Saving makes a document's optimization for fast web-viewing (linearization) unusable. The document can be viewed just as before but without the speedup of the linearization.


A lightly edited dump of BeCyPDFMetaEdit embedded help text has been posted to

FYI, configuration for a yaP launcher is still available at (also related posts at viewtopic.php?p=82896#p82896 -- and viewtopic.php?t=20928).

Available changelog (same source):

Code: Select all

User Interface:                                                                                       

- Added option to disable Open dialog after program start                                           
- Added option to disable View prompt after document save                                           
- Added button to clear all metadata                                                                

Document Editing:                                                                                     

- Added possibility to remove XMP metadata                                                          

User Interface:                                                                                       

- Fixed rendering/scrolling during Drag&Drop of bookmarks under Vista                               
- Made open/save dialog a little smarter                                                            
- Fixed failure to open document for display when "open" verb is missing                            

Document Editing:                                                                                     

- added option to en-/disable automatic update of creation date                                     
- extended repair mode                                                                              
- fixed automatic date generation for creation/modification in metadata                             

User Interface:                                                                                       

- fixed bug when selectively loading templates (not imported fields got reset)                      

Command Line:                                                                                         

- removed flag -m and changed default behaviour of -Modified accordingly                            
- added new value "auto" for -Modified and -Created                                                 

Document Editing:                                                                                     

- fixed bug in LZW-decoder/-encoder                                                                 
- added possibility to open read-only documents                                                     

User Interface:                                                                                       

- splitted path names in status dialog into file name and directory                                 

Command Line:                                                                                         

- added flag to enable recursive processing of sub directories                                      
- introduced new parameters for a template-based summary mode                                       

Document Editing:                                                                                     

- added option to change version in PDF header                                                      
- fixed bug when reading documents in repair mode (incremental updates were ignored)                

User Interface:                                                                                       

- allowed to open documents via Drag&Drop from the shell                                            

Command Line:                                                                                         

- added parameter to output version number of current release                                       

Document Editing:                                                                                     

- fixed missing password prompt when opening documents with owner password but without user password
- fixed bug when saving via incremental update                                                      
- fixed wrong ANSI/UNICODE conversion on Win9x when loading template files                          

User Interface:                                                                                       

- made file open dialog remember last used directory                                                
- fixed missing update of gui when setting scroll position for bookmarks                            
- changed font of dialogs to support ClearType                                                      

Command Line:                                                                                         

- added parameter to specify desired editing mode when opening documents (e. g. via shell)          

PDF Conformity (v1.6):                                                                                

- fixed bug when loading pdfdocencoded string literals                                              
- extended support for named destinations to cover v1.1 documents                                   

Document Editing:                                                                                     

- added support for full rewrite of file                                                            
- included error-tolerant parser in order to repair damaged files                                   
- allowed setting first page to display upon document opening                                       
- supported editing of page transitions for slide show presentation                                 
- allowed changing encryption/permissions                                                           
- supported bookmarks with named destinations                                                       

User Interface:                                                                                       

- added button "Save as"                                                                            
- improved status feedback                                                                          
- fixed bugs concerning display/editing of bookmarks                                                
- added drag&drop editing for bookmarks                                                             

Command Line:                                                                                         

- added option to export document settings into template file                                       

Document Editing:                                                                                     

- extended bookmark editing to allow mm-precise positioning                                         
- fixed seldom bug when updating an existing bookmark hierarchy                                     
- added automatic synchronization of file's timestamps to metadata                                  
- added possibility to save/load all settings into a text file for easier re-usage                  

Command Line:                                                                                         

- added support for wildcards to update multiple documents                                          
- fixed bug when setting dates (added missing time-zone information)                                
- included console wrapper for easier usage in batch files                                          

Command Line:                                                                                         

- allowed setting the viewer preferences and page labels                                            

Document Editing:                                                                                     

- supported editing the bookmarks                                                                   
- supported changing the page labels                                                                

PDF Conformity (v1.6):                                                                                

- fixed bug when loading/saving Unicode string literals                                             

Document Editing:                                                                                     

- allowed changing the fields creator/producer                                                      
- added option to en-/disable automatic update of modification date                                 
- added option to en-/disable automatic update of file identifier                                   
- included possibility to edit viewer preferences                                                   
- added support to undo incremental updates                                                         

PDF Conformity (v1.6):                                                                                

- fixed bug when loading/saving non-ASCII strings                                                   
- added support for password-based security handler                                                 
- added support for compressed objects (object streams)                                             
- added support for new-style cross-reference table (cross-reference streams)                       

Document Editing:                                                                                     

- added field to change creation/modification dates                                                 
As noted above -- viewtopic.php?p=18162#p18162 and following -- BeCyPDFMetaEdit isn't natively portable: topic moved.