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Windows Update MiniTool

Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:58 pm
by Userfriendly
Windows Update MiniTool is a really nice alternative to the built-in Windows Update. Supports Windows 2000 to Windows 10. It works really well.

Check links below for info, updates and download links. I won't be updating this post. Too lazy for that. ... ol.380535/ ... e-MiniTool ... g-windows/

It seems portable by itself but since it requires you to download and scan stuff in system folders, I'm not too sure about it.

Re: Windows Update MiniTool

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2015 3:59 pm
by Midas
Great find, thanks. 8)

For the sake of post completeness, some additional info... wrote:[Windows Update MiniTool is] An alternative to the standard Windows Update. [...] This tool is like the external powershell module PSWindowsUpdate, but much more advanced and user-friendly features. The tool relies and use same WU infrastructure...

Re: Windows Update MiniTool

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:54 am
by Midas
Windows Update MiniTool (WUMT) v20.12.2016 released (Russian changelog at ... ic=48142#2).

Google translated changelog:
- Fixed a bug where the key was not removed from the registry when you install the update mode to "Off".

- Added key start -onclose. At the close of the specified command will be executed or the script file.
- Fixed display of interface elements by using the zoom.
- Updated the translation to EN. Added ES.

- Added key start -update. When you run will start automatically search for updates.
- Added search / filter the list of updates / stories. Press Ctrl + F to bring up, Esc to reset.

- English is the default interface, if the program does not run on Russian Windows.
- Added the ability to manage search and automatic driver installation (through Group Policy). It works since Anniversary Update.

- Fixed history update after update KB3156421.

- Fixed GUI when using the zoom. Reviewed.

- Fixed a bug on this review [?] .
- If the end of the installation requires resuming the update and install the rest of its components, and the installation is carried out a resume.
- Do not display the author of the translation. Corrected.

- Fixed GUI display when using the zoom to 125%.
- Fixed a problem when you do not appear in the result log for each operation.
- Update history during the installation of the update.
- Improved error checking.
- Optimization of code and language files. Language files updated, but if you have found a mistake in the text, then send corrections to me.
- Many small improvements.
- Small changes in the design.

- Fixed a rare bug AV on this review .
- Added error codes for each transaction. Meaning of error codes can be found on the link.

- Fixed false blocking automatic updates settings.

- Added highlighting updates prescribed in the ini file.
- Optimization function Hide / Remove from hidden.
- Improved log files during download / install / uninstall.
- Improved detection of errors in the process of verification / download / install / uninstall updates. For example an attempt to check for updates when there is no network.
- Automatic selection of the default update service.
- When you change the "Automatic Updates" original WU immediately know about it.
- Improvements in the interface.
- Improved sorting.
- Added a request to reboot after you install or uninstall updates, if necessary.
- Various optimization and improvement in the code.

Re: Windows Update MiniTool

Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2018 1:59 pm
by bitcoin
apparently there's a wrapper for this now that stops and starts Windows Update in Win10: ... cript.html ... ice.72203/

Re: Windows Update MiniTool

Posted: Thu May 28, 2020 8:16 am
by rbon
Windows Update MiniTool 07.01.2020
• Author: stupid user
• Author's web site: ... ol.380535/
• Major Geeks program page: ... itool.html
• Major Geeks direct download: ... ool,1.html

WUMT ver. 07.01.2020 works ONLY on Windows 10, because author do not have added dialog box for previous Windows versions
Last version for Windows 7 and 8.1 is of 20/12/2016 and can be found on MDL at this page: ... ool.64939/ with all language files.

Sledgehammer 2.7.1
Sledgehammer (formerly WUMT Wrapper Script) is used to launch Windows Update MiniTool and disable Windows Updates until you rerun it avoiding unwanted reboots.
• My Digital Life Forum: ... rol.72203/
• Major Geeks program page: ... cript.html
• Major Geeks direct download: ... ipt,1.html