Dlus: Irish Language Word Processor

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Dlus: Irish Language Word Processor

#1 Post by juverax » Mon Jun 07, 2021 6:27 pm

Dlús ( https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/52 ... -Processor ) is a fully functional Irish Language Word Processor written in C# and incorporates Ireland's best on-line Dictionary.
Dlús is free and open source ( Code Project Open License: https://www.codeproject.com/info/cpol10.aspx ).
As you type (in Irish), the right pane of the screen offers suggestions about the spelling and meaning of the entered words.

Download the 7zip file ( you may need to login to the codeproject website to access the download)
Installation: Just Unzip (7zip archive)
The 7zip file is 24 Mb, the size of the unzipped application is 385 Mb).
Run C:\.... \Irish_Word_Processor_CodeProject\Dlús\Dlús\Dlús\bin\Debug\Dlús.exe

Dlús is not portable: writes a couple of keys in the registry.
Dlús is a "no-install" application: it runs directly from its unzipped folder, without installation.

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