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DropIt alternatives

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2021 11:37 am
by webfork
While I fine working as a discussion point for developers software (we have a whole thread dedicated to Freeware Development), one of our still active threads on the site is the DropIt thread where a lot of questions are going unanswered. The developer and a few site regulars that worked with the software have moved on to other projects and I'm worried our site is becoming another Internet dead-end in this area.

To help avoid this, I propose listing some available alternatives above the first post of the DropIt thread. While I have some file management tricks of my own, they are mostly command-line based and probably not suitable for most users. Alternativeto has some possible starting points for DropIt alternatives: ... rm=windows , but anything under the heading of easy file management/automation is probably something we could list.

Thoughts or suggestions?