Discussion about recent events

All suggestions about TPFC should be posted here. Discussions about changes to TPFC will also be carried out here.
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Andrew Lee
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Discussion about recent events

#1 Post by Andrew Lee » Sat Dec 12, 2020 5:43 pm

Just in case you have not been keeping up, recently azaard got banned by billon over what is perceived to be spammy or unproductive posts. Prior to that, azaard was warned by webfork over posting warez link. This unfortunately resulted in this post and this post. I also received some poorly worded emails from azaard after the ban, to which I have sent some sternly worded replies on my own.

First to the matter at hand. 99% of bans are easy to identify and justify. This includes totally off-topic spam with ad links. No one in their right mind will defend these bans. However, a very small percentage of bans are not so clear cut. They are over more subjective criteria like style, clarity, substance, profanity etc. For example, some people found a certain user's style overbearing (myself included) and PM me about it. I have also received many PMs about people using profanity in their posts. I have always resisted doing anything about them.

The main reason is because I am pretty big on freedom of speech due to me living most of my life under an authoritarian regime (those of you who are born with that right won't know what you are missing until you have that right taken away from you!) I may not agree with what you say or how you say it, but I will defend your right to do so. But I also understand each community sets its own standards, which is why you won't use profanity when you are with your bosses, but will do so in the presence of close friends.

So our decision is in future, all non-obvious bans will go through the following process:

- A mod will send a warning to the user stating clearly the undesired behaviour

- If user does not heed warning, the mod will raise a ban proposal to the others mods.

- If a 2nd mod concurs, that person will carry out the ban. Otherwise, there will be a discussion amongst the mods. If a decision still cannot be made, it may be made public for the community to discuss.

But at the end of the day, this _is_ a private community. We are not a public business bond by certain public obligations. We are like a group of friends bond together by a common interest, and we choose who we want to be friends with. I am like that friend volunteering his house for the gathering. If the community decides you are a nuisance and wants to kick you out, I think we are fully entitled to do so.

(Note: azaard, this message is particularly for you if you ever choose to login again after your ban period. I don't give a damn what kind of big shot you are IRL. Doesn't count here.)

Having said that, I truly hope we do not become the kind of non-tolerant community that I dread, where you must conform to a strict set of rules, and get whacked for every tiny non-conformance. If you don't like the style or content, just ignore it. There is no need to engage with everyone and everything. The best way to deal with a troll is to ignore him and not to confront him head on. And remember, we are all different. You may think a person is a troll, but he may simply be trying to get a message out in his own way. Try to read between the lines and see if there is anything worthwhile there. If not, just move on. Be the bigger person. Life is too short for petty things.

OK, that's all from me for now. If there is anything you disagree with, do let us know.

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Re: Discussion about recent events

#2 Post by opsimathic » Sun Dec 13, 2020 11:20 pm

Dear Andrew

Speaking as a relatively quiet but frequent user, I want to record my appreciation of the manner in which this site is run. I find it extremely useful and it is often my first place for review/comment about portable freeware. My appreciation extends to all the mods and the hard work you do.

Thank you
Better late than never.

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