MultiScan [discontinued]

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MultiScan [discontinued]

#1 Post by atomizer » Tue Mar 01, 2011 7:15 pm

[Moderator note: author has deleted any mention of this program from the home page. Mirror site here:]


MultiScan is another app i scripted for my own use which i've been improving so it can be useful to others as well! i wouldn't say it's something for novices as some basic command line knowledge is required. the official descrip...
MultiScan is a portable application oriented toward technical users who typically don’t run resident anti-virus/malware scanners, though there are other uses for it. It is intended to scan any number of selected files or folders using multiple (up to 10 currently), 3rd party malware/virus scanners. MultiScan will pass the file/folder paths you have selected in Windows Explorer, or through the GUI, to your programs and then run those applications concurrently or consecutively. All settings are remembered and stored in a configuration file in the directory where MultiScan.exe is placed. Accessing MultiScan is easy through an optional Windows Explorer context menu item.

* Portable /no installation; does not write to registry unless you choose to do so; configuration file written to program directory
* Run up to 10 applications consecutively in the order you choose or run them concurrently
* Easily access MultiScan from the Windows Explorer context menu (optional)
* Quickly save and switch between multiple configurations of virus scanners
* Quickly save and switch between multiple preconfigured lists of objects to scan
* NO malware/adware or any other junk! Does not “phone home”
* FREE! Donations appreciated

if anyone wants to kick the tires before i submit it, i'd love to hear any feedback you might have! you can grab it here

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