Free Download Manager [NSIS Wrapper]

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Free Download Manager [NSIS Wrapper]

#1 Post by Napiophelios » Sat Aug 07, 2010 7:08 pm


Download either the FDM Lite ver. 3.0 installer (recommended)
or FDM ver. 3.0 build 852 installer

(If you dont want to install to get the program files just do what I did and Extract with JPE-Loader)

Download the FDM 3 Portable Launchers
archive contains 2 differant launchers,one for the regular FDM & another for the Light version.
Dont mix them up,pick one and discard the other.

You can download the old 2.1 version installer here
Download the FDM version 2.1 build 494 Portable Launcher
Much smaller portable...seems more responsive than either of version 3

Code: Select all



NSIS Portable launcher is designed with a default download folder in the Root Drive---> "C:\Downloads"
If you dont have a drive "C:\" open  FDM's file menu and select
Options->Settings->Downloads->New Download->Set default download folder
Navigate to the OS root drive and there should be a new folder called "Downloads" (created by the NSIS launcher).
Select this folder if you want your downloads within the portable folder.



All unfinished downloads have ".crc" added to the file name (& have hidden attributes)
and are the only files transfered when opening the portable.

All completed downloads will remain in the download folder inside the portable's file structure.

However new downloads with the same file names as existing downloads
will replace the old ones when the portable is closed.


Minimal Components needed :


msvcirt.dll             -->not included but some systems may require it to be present for FDM to even open.

(thnx to comments by tpig@TPFC for the list)

If you use IE keep all the dlls that have "ie" at the start of their names.

MediaConverter.dll -->not included in the FDM light version but launcher is setup to handle it.

npfdm.dll              -->chrome plugin:place in Chrome Browser's plugin folder.
                                Works with portable Chrome too.Although you will have to edit
                                the path to the folder in FDM not really good for a
                                removable device.

Beware if you use this launcher:I Didnt run any tests with the uploader in the full version installer;let me know if there are any problems I will fix them.

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