Exe From Vbs v1.2

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Exe From Vbs v1.2

#1 Post by klon » Sat Sep 08, 2012 6:31 am


- Drag and drop your .vbs file
- Drag and drop your .ico file (you can use your own)
- Use “Convert Vbs To Exe” button , thats all

v1.2 What is new
1. There is no Antivirus “False Positive” Problem
2. New interface
3. No success popup message
4. You can choose your own icon

CRC32: 2e1e98f9
SHA1: 4155a1b1ffdf3a324887011dbf54a3e695f9a739
MD5: 7d8d7aaa047cc42d38af4ce7c54cc6f8

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