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Re: SciTE Jump

Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2014 7:12 am
by guinness
SciTE Jump V2.18.103.243
This update brings a few bug fixes and changes that were made to SciTE4AutoIt3 in which it's now natively Portable.

I've also included a ZIP file on the download page for those who are a little reluctant to use the Portable installer.

It should be noted that I haven't updated the language strings from the previous version, please check your language of choice and feel free to send an updated version if not done so already. Download is available in the original post.

Language Changes:
Version [17-04-2014]
- FIXED: Settings not being saved correctly when using the installed version of SciTE Jump. (Thanks mlipok)

Version [09-02-2014]
- IMPROVED: Checking for functions inside functions such as Call().
- IMPROVED: Compiled with AutoIt v3.3.10.2.
- IMPROVED: Finding the SciTE directory.
- IMPROVED: If using the installed version of SciTE Jump, then settings are now saved to %SciTE_USERHOME%\SciTE Jump or %SciTE_HOME%\SciTE Jump.
- IMPROVED: Merging of includes into a single file.