Using JPE Logger

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Using JPE Logger

#1 Post by crownixx » Thu Oct 21, 2010 6:50 am

Do you guys know how to use JPE Logger? There is no documentation in the JauntePE readme but luckily redllar did thought me in the email before during my JPE test in vista. I'm so sorry i did not notice this early

Let's not keep our time wasted. Here's how
  1. Ensure your portable application is using jauntePE.dll log version.
  2. Open the configuration ini and add following settings. Others logging settings are unnecessary

    Code: Select all

  3. Run JPELogger.exe. Leave it running behind
  4. Now start the portable application. You will see JPE Logger will capture the hooked api calls "debug trace" done by the application.
  5. You can then view the log in JPE Logger or save it as a .log file
Note: You might notice your application running a bit slow but that is normal during the logging process.

I love to debug using JPE Logger because we have the ability to capture the hooked api calls "debug trace" at a specific action where the problem would occur. For example, I could capture log activities only for initiate Open File Dialog in Foxit Reader.
The general steps for this tips are as follow:
  1. Run JPELogger.exe. Go to Edit > Untick "Capture Events"
  2. Now start the portable applicaton and let it run to the point before the error occurs start.
  3. In JPELogger.exe. Go to Edit > Tick back "Capture Events"
  4. Now go back to the applicaton and initiate your activity that could produce the error.
  5. You will see JPE Logger will capture the hooked api calls "debug trace" done just before the error occurs
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