JauntePE work-around for Chrome or Iron browser

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JauntePE work-around for Chrome or Iron browser

#1 Post by crownixx » Wed Jan 07, 2009 1:24 am

Have someone ever tried jauntePE'ing Chrome browser or Iron browser? I did before but found out that it took about long time for the browser to show.

As strongly believed in other post that jauntePE is in the same category with Thinstall\Thinapp, I had took the same work-around from Thinapp forum on how they virtualized the Chrome browser. Then i apply it to my jauntePE Iron, and guess what, it work =)

The trick is to turn off the browser sandbox. Since the Chrome browser or Iron browser has the sandbox function, the JauntePE redirection also act similar to sandbox and probably 2 times sandboxes or 2 times redirection that cause of this delay. The browser sandbox function can be turn off by following parameter

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Here is my launcher for SRWare Iron browser that works on mine

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