How can I make my son easy with his homework?

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How can I make my son easy with his homework?

#1 Post by jennysoft3743 » Sun Jul 05, 2009 7:09 pm

My son is tired with cockamamie calculation such as trigonometric function , square root , and so on. I think that he is losing his interest in math and I want to help him. I need to find one software to do these calculations. Free is the best, and I also can pay is the price is reasonable.

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Re: How can I make my son easy with his homework?

#2 Post by alanbcohen » Mon Jul 06, 2009 2:46 am

There are any number of excellent calculator programs out there and many are free. I personally use Free42, an RPN-based HP simulator. There are similar algebraic ones. But, I'd be careful about letting him use them to complete his homework without guidance. My suggestion, which worked with my daughter, is to encourage doing the homework as a puzzle or challenge and then use the calculator to check the results. Once he is getting the concepts down and understanding the math process, then using the calculator for computation is okay.
Remember, he will still need to take tests where he won't have access to the software. Homework isn't the end - it's the means to the end.
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Re: How can I make my son easy with his homework?

#3 Post by -.- » Mon Jul 06, 2009 4:47 am

the windows calculator on scientific mode does those functions, same as other real scientific calculators
but they wont do the problem solving for you, though doing roots and trig functions without calculators is hard and nearly impossible if you want exact answers (almost exact since answer is still rounded often)

new graphing calculators can solve simple (1-3 variable) equations with the solver function, and can show steps in between, but the calculators are somewhat pricy ($100-200) and you won't use it in any math classes really...

I got it emulated for computer, i'm not sure if it is legal to share it but I can if you want it, a lot simpler to carry it on my flash drive than a big calculator around

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