I need help about -Land Confiscation-

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I need help about -Land Confiscation-

#1 Post by Simon.T » Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:28 pm

It's very $&%^# stupid to ask that question (as I'm, at the moment, no longer active at TPFC) :?

so my question is this:

If I'm an "owner" of a land which is:
(1) been taken illegally, or
(2) it's been given (by the government) legally for a specific purpose(s) and now I'm using it for other purposes, which I'm not allowed to
and now the government wants to expropriate my land (land confiscation)
what are the rights, of mine, on this land?

any Law & any Judgment in any country

thank you. :)

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Legal precident may no longer apply

#2 Post by donald » Mon Mar 30, 2009 2:59 am

Legal precident may no longer apply

All property rights such as the right to property listed in the Constitution
Amendment V

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation
This covers unjust confiscation but is no protection if it was ever applied fairly, or fully.

The government has specifically given the right to confiscate property to resell to anyone who might pay more taxes.

Supreme Court ‘Kelo’ Private Property Decision
google [u]Kelo v. City of New London.[/u]

The decision gave cities the right to seize private property to give to private developers under the 5 th Amendment’s eminent domain clause. This power is granted to governments to take property for public use. The Justices redefined this to mean “public purpose,” thus distorting the original intent of the writers of the Constitution.
At least one state modified its state constitution to effectively prevent state use of this decision

If you don't live in that state you don't have any property rights anymore in effect

But remember even if you have a deed you are only a renter because the government will take it if you refuse to pay your property tax = rent

If you want some help you might find a lot of knowledgeable people even a lawyer or two at http://www.ncc-1776.org/
just send a letter to the editor at

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#3 Post by GeddichNixan » Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:14 am

You have to distinguish between "being the rightful owner" of an object and "being in possession of an object".

Ownership means that the object in question is righfully yours, it is your rightful property. "Being in possession of an object" means that although you are currently "having" the object in question but it is not "yours". For example a pickpocket may be in possesion of your valet after having taken it from your pocket wihout you noticing it, but he is obviously not the rightful owner of it.

If you took a piece of land "illegally" (whatever this in the actual sutiation may mean), than you are NOT the rightful owner of that piece of land thus you do not have any right or power of disposition about the land.

If the land was given to you for a certain purpose than it is still an open question whether the ownership is yours or the owner is still the government. Anyhow you have in both cases an agreement (or contract) with the government. In case of a contract both contracting parties have certain obligations. The government's obligation was to give the land into your possession. Your obligation, that you use it according to the contract's conditions. In the actual case you violated the contract as you used the land for another purpose without a preceding approval of the other contracting party.

I do not know the particular conditions of your "contract", but it very well may be one of its provisions that the contract is void in case that you violate its conditions, i.e. you use the land for another purpose than the one which is provided for in the contract.

Your rights are depending on the question if the ownership of the land is yours or the owner is still the government. If you are the owner, than the government may prohibit the improper usage but may not confiscate the land without an adequate (financial) compensation. If the government is still owner of the land, than you have as good as no rights and you used it in an improper way at your own risk. Tough luck Simon, but I am quite sure I am right with that one, sorry.

Basically the "right of private property" is a fundamental right in any democratic country. As such it is particularly protected by the law, it is mostly one of the fundamental rights usually included in the constitution. Nevertheless, this as well as other fundamental rights may be legally limited as long as its "essence" or "absolute core" remains untouched.


The explanation above is based on European (contintental) law. The legal situation may be different in your country.

Although I used to deal with legal quetions I am not a lawyer thus there may be some flaws in my explanation.

Your question may be way off topic, but I do not think it is stupid to ask it here, even if you are not currently active at TPFC. Neither asking as such is stupid nor your question, so why not.

What exactly do you mean by "taken illegally"? Is that some kind of settler's problem in Israel? Hard stuff if it is.

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Check out Agenda 21 and Sustainable development

#4 Post by donald » Tue Mar 31, 2009 5:03 pm

Check out Agenda 21 and Sustainable development

The United Nations has passed resolutions that will confiscate most of the land in most of the world and move all people into "Arcologies"

Arcologies under the UN will amount to a Project you can never leave from birth to death.

The richest and most powerful will enjoy the rest of the world but you will be confined to a giant communist style apartment.

Sustainable development means an end to private land ownership and private resources, as well as an end to private homes.

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#5 Post by GeddichNixan » Wed Apr 01, 2009 10:37 am

I do not know the Agenda 21 of the UN, but it is one thing, what the UN decides and another one, what it can or can not do. The UN is currently a "toothless tiger" (as it always has been) and depends mostly on the capacities, capabilities and of course money from the US and to a smaller extent from the European Union. BTW, how should a UN resolution lead to the horror vision you outlined, when the UN is currently not even able to stop mass murderer or hunger anywhere in the world, despite its resolutions, which it is producing one after another?

That kind of "giant communist style appartement" you mention is not a current threat, but much more something on the level of a theoretical disscussion.

However, I do not think Simon T. asked for this kind of "theoretical disscussion" as he asked his question. I suppose he has a much more "real" problem with a possible land confiscation thus needs a bit more down to earth info.

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Re Agenda 21 and theory

#6 Post by donald » Thu Apr 02, 2009 7:32 pm

Re Agenda 21 and theory the problem is it isn't a theory it is a plan that will affect your property rights and if you have an apartment your right to stay in a specific area (The apartment owners will lose their property too)

Is it possibly jumping the gun? possibly if you mean not waiting until it is too late to mention it

This website is a carbon taxable entity and could be legislated out of existence

The call to remove the Internet and force Internet2 on us is in the news.

Internet2 is a completely censored and absolutely controlled nightmare version of the internet.

This is moving forward as we speak with housing codes and other changes that quietly pass bringing us into conformity with a piece here or there but always with more laws and codes to pass

Agenda 21 is a binding agreement and resolution it is slowly creeping into your own neighborhood in US and UK along with Europe first

The US and all member Nations are supposedly bound to it

The first sign of Agenda 21 is emissions trading and carbon caps etc.

As for world hunger or war More Government = Bigger Problems
The entry of any government into a problem will only either A. Make the problem worse. or B. Create an new problem. or C. All of the above.
and all while costing the people being governed or helped or both a lot of money that fixes nothing.
The UN entered Sierra Leone forcing out the company of mercenaries called
"Executive Outcomes" which had in one month completely suppressed the rebels and ended atrocities for a small cost of 1.7 million and had brought forth a treaty following a cease fire which would have given the murderers a chance to leave Sierra Leone alive provided they left weaponless

"Executive Outcomes" also left citizens with weapons trying to protect themselves alone and even handed out weapons to villagers to help protect them from atrocities.

Now the UN has spent over 47 million supposedly trying to end the atrocities that only get worse all of this to be payed by the UN sponsored puppet government which will tax any survivors to pay it all civilians are disarmed and the world diamond cartel has suppressed the free market use of diamonds from this country (in peace anyone might buy them but for now they are blood diamonds)

The UN is trying to force a government on Somalia which has refused in bulk to cooperate though a few have been properly bribed in the "capital"

see the article here

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#7 Post by Simon.T » Sat Sep 19, 2009 6:46 am

GeddichNixan wrote:Your question may be way off topic, but I do not think it is stupid to ask it here, even if you are not currently active at TPFC. Neither asking as such is stupid nor your question, so why not.
GeddichNixan wrote:What exactly do you mean by "taken illegally"? Is that some kind of settler's problem in Israel? Hard stuff if it is.
The land was given by the stupid politicians or the official institutions (from any kind of office/department) whether by allowing it by not doing anything or whether by not following the legal procedure.

Anyway, I am deeply appreciate all the help that you all provided and dedicate here, thank you very much, you all were very informative.

eventually I got my answer from a case (which was found at Lexis) about a US(A) cellphone company which is far away and yet the closest one to our case (...yet...) and for some reason, instead of researching more about it, my "trainer" (moron) decided to attach that case as the final "sum up" to the corrupted supreme court of Isra-Hell (Israel)... and for some magical reason &^&(%!@#$@ he won < the judges decided to grant an extremely high compensation/damages for the sorta confiscation that was initiated then.

The families won (all together) 230,000$ and my, so called, trainer got 30,000$ and me... nothing, despite my work I got roughly about 1000$, like every month, lol.

so what it was all about, in short:
I the 50's - 60's some families/individuals "awarded" some lands from the Israeli government/politicians/officials (no papers or any kind of "official proof" was given to these people on the lands)
continue: ...which was in the same "spirit" of the policy that was being taken at those years (and yes, even nowadays - especially in Jerusalem and the northern of Israel) in the whole land (get (conquer) as much as you can) in order to populate the "state" with as much as Jews as possible [[it was very hard to write here this one]] so the Jews/Israel will have a "demographic advantage" compared to the Arabic fellows.

Now these families/individuals are no longer needed because the Arab people have no longer any kind of control on the center of the state, and now the Israeli official institutions decided to get back these lands, so the officials sent threaten letters (sorta like an "execution office" style warning) and some of the families were frighten and gave their land for a ridicules price and some other decided to bargain with the officials

the families that bargain got six (6) times more money than the others plus holding rights for 3 more years (the lands in question are agricultural lands - so you can still make profit for another four (4) years)

the families that evacuated without further questions decided to sue the Israeli country...

--------------OFF TOPIC
oh, oh, oh... You're paying something like 25,000$ for a stupid degree at a Law School for four years, you got such a low payment jobs and a very high expensive food and even a decent shelter in the center of the state (thank god I live in Herzeliyya; God bless Atheism). WTF?!!! did someone said decency, love, fair???

at those 4 years with my economical difficulty I lost 25 kilograms just because some idiot billionaire decided to control the nation's food with his supermarket Super-Sal... oh dear...

from 85kg > 60kg > thank you, Nochi Dankner for stealing the food that I need in order to activate myself.

at least I can be very proud that I refused to Join the Israeli Army :D

** and, please, not to mention the so many illegal actions that happened all around this Land Confiscation case, not less than three MKs (Member of Knesset; Knesset=Parliament) and one government minister are involved with this.
but I'm NOT allowed to tell (beyond) that because this privilege/immunity between the Lawyer and the Client - all sides lied to the court --- WTF?!!

the "holly land" the "moral land" "the people of the Book" (Jewish people)

well I'll tell you that Israel is nothing more (and even less) than the land of drugs, greed, murderer, Arab murderers, conquer, fake high-tech where "The XP GUI/UI was made" (ooh, what a great honor - enemy of Free-Software - according to The Free Software Foundation)
Funny, even though the corrupted Ehud Olmert is using Ubuntu GNU/Linux, he initiated then many policies which was good for Microsoft

Israel = Mafia
Israel = Social GAP
Israel = Puppet of USA
Israel = Fake
Israel = Fraud

Fucking Israel, Jews, Greed & Money!

Israel: Let us make a Strong Army/Police and Shitty Schools < IT'S TRUE < Damn Israel!

Please watch:
Jordan Maxwell Exposes The Illuminati (Inner World of the Occult)

Peace on earth
Pink21 wrote:No protection with this state...Legal precedent may not avail anymore..

Good Day!!!



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Re: my last comment

#8 Post by Simon.T » Sat Sep 19, 2009 7:00 am

If someone worries...

I'm no longer working at this office :P
The stupid "trainer" begged me to stay and I refused.

Now I'm working in Ramat Gan (4 month left to the bar examination) :P

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