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YoWindow - Weather for all seasons

#1 Post by __philippe » Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:48 am

(Since there have been a couple of weather-related DB entries updates recently [sWeather / MirandIM...],
I tought this pointer might prove of interest to the weatherbugs community; even if not strictly freeware, it's free access all the same)

Weather portal for all seasons: Yowindow

The Norwegian Met Office is providing free-access to their deligthful YoWindow weather forecast portal.

Easily customizable to one's own geographical location. Provides real-time, semi-animated views of user selectable landscapes reflecting the actual weather,
including cute effects such as wind / rain / grass swaying / clouds / fog / thunderstorms...etc, as the case my happen...not only cute, but very informative as well.

Specific features:

- True sun & moon daylight astronomical calculations
- Move forward & backwards in time - Watch the weather forecast exactly at the moment you need it
- Seasons change in sync with nature
- Full-featured weather stations parameters: barometric pressure / humidity / dew point / sunrise / Sunset / moon phases...etc....

I'll wager YoWindow's motto "You will Love the Weather" will prove warranted indeed.




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